Obamacare Architect LAUGHS About Skyrocketing Premiums [VIDEO]

Ezekiel Emanuel stopped by “Morning Joe” on Wednesday to talk about the Affordable Care Act premium increases that will affect more than one million Americans.


Mika Brzezinski noted that Emanuel, one of Obama’s former advisors, is “often called one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act.”

“How’s that working for you right now, Zeke?” chimed in Joe Scarborough.

Emanuel’s response?

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Laughter. (VIDEO: Obamacare Architect Says Rising Premiums will Be ‘Severe, Uncomfortable’)

“Be honest, though,” Scarborough continued. “Zeke only worked on the part of the Affordable Care Act that’s causing increases 25 percent on average.”

Brzezinski stated she’s “all for it.”

Again, Emanuel responded with a case of the giggles.

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