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City of Loafers: Snowfall brings out true Washington spirit

Tim Cavanaugh

A mid-morning snowfall succeeded in doing what the Obamacare war couldn't Tuesday, shutting down the nation's capital.

Obama wins German transparency award

8:13 PM 01/17/2014

A German marketing consultant has awarded President Obama a "transparency award," highlighting Obama's role in the NSA affair.

WATCH Magic Johnson get a wild ovation for announcing he’s not gay

10:54 PM 01/15/2014

Retired NBA star Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who released a high-profile commercial for Obamacare Wednesday, hit a less politically correct note in 1991, when he made his first public appearance after announcing his HIV-positive status.

DUNEBOGGLE! The media loved Chris Christie’s previous traffic jam

8:34 PM 01/09/2014

The Fort Lee traffic jam in September is not the first time New Jersey Gov. Christie took on a local mayor while closing off roads and stranding Garden State residents far from their homes. But when Christie bullied and insulted Jersey Shore residents during the panic over Hurricane Sandy, he was widely praised for his judicious use of state power.

Gene Sperling issues panicked call for extended unemployment benefits

3:32 AM 01/02/2014

A top member of President Obama's economic brain trust greeted 2014 with a rambling, anti-economic plea for the twelfth extension of federal unemployment spending, ignoring the administration's own role in winding down extended unemployment benefits.

Does Pajama Boy just need to butch up?

4:21 PM 12/23/2013

Fabled left-wing columnist Michael Tomasky provided a lesson this weekend in why you shouldn't take business advice from people who don't believe in the free market.

Obama admin: Economy ‘stronger’ with 180,000 jobs a month

9:09 AM 12/20/2013

Seven years after the partial real estate correction that tanked America's debt-fueled paper economy, the head of President Obama's economic brain trust claims that the U.S. is "finishing 2013 in a stronger place" --- ignoring a 30-year low in job participation and unprecedented weakness in job growth.

Greedy, heartless Wal-Mart customers say no to higher prices

3:27 PM 12/18/2013

Wal-Mart customers voice concern for the low wages of the megastore's employees, but they're not willing to pay higher prices to help solve the problem, according to a revealed-preference experiment conducted Monday by investor and economic pundit Peter Schiff.

FCC media content probe doesn’t seem to be happening

1:26 AM 12/18/2013

More than six weeks after the Federal Communications Commission announced a broad probe of political speech that raised serious First Amendment concerns, the city where the program was scheduled to begin has yet to hear from the Feds.

Rich get richer, rest stagnate in economic ‘recovery’

3:14 AM 12/10/2013

While President Obama condemns inequality in contemporary America, new data from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank indicate that the disparity between rich and poor continues to get more extreme.

California Obamacare exchange giving out customer information

3:00 PM 12/07/2013

Widespread fears that Affordable Care Act exchanges would fail to guard customer information are already coming true in California, where the state exchange is giving selected insurance agents customer contact information, resulting in unwanted calls and emails to Californians who have checked out the exchange but declined to buy insurance.

Washington Post op-ed: Repeal presidential term limits

10:36 AM 11/29/2013

As President Obama faces a small revolt within his own party, a Washington Post op-ed is calling for the United States to end presidential term limits and allow him to run again in 2016.

Kelly Osbourne flames Obama over L.A. traffic nightmare

3:38 PM 11/28/2013

Kelly Osbourne went ballistic after a swanky fundraiser attended by President Obama shut down traffic in a wide section of Los Angeles, leaving the reality TV celebrity trapped while her dogs starved and La La Land's peaceful streets descended into post-apocalyptic chaos.

Catholics furious over Obama plan to close Vatican embassy site

6:46 AM 11/27/2013

An Obama State Department plan to move the embassy to the Holy See has Catholics and former ambassadors to the Vatican up in arms.

‘Knockout Game’ first news trend the New York Times doesn’t believe?

1:34 AM 11/25/2013

America's newspaper of record, which eagerly reported on bogus trends in church burnings, the looming bee extinction and other subjects, doubts the "knockout game" is a thing.

Americans mark 50th anniversary of JFK’s appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show

3:33 PM 11/21/2013

Americans of all nations today are remembering a tragic moment in Sixties consciousness: the day in 1963 that President John F. Kennedy, standing in the door of the University of Alabama's Foster Auditorium, was gunned down by Manson cult member Sirhan Sirhan on the balcony of a hotel in Memphis.

Congress takes up probe of fake unemployment data

2:00 PM 11/20/2013

The House Oversight Committee has joined an investigation into the faking of Census Bureau unemployment data that began in the New York Post Sunday.

Obama PR blitz aims to convince people economy is improving

2:58 AM 11/18/2013

As unemployment soars and his signature health care plan pushes millions of Americans into greater financial hardship, President Barack Obama is attempting his most audacious feat of persuasion yet: convincing the American people that the economy is getting better.

FCC to police news media, question reporters in wide-ranging content survey

10:25 AM 10/30/2013

The Federal Communications Commission is planning a broad probe of political speech across media platforms, an unprecedented move that raises serious First Amendment concerns.