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Medicare Messaging War: Paul Ryan out with new explainer on Medicare overhaul

9:26 AM 05/25/2011

On the same day that Democrats won a special election in New York's 26th district that party strategists said would be a telling referendum on the Republican effort to overhaul Medicare, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released a video to further explain his reform plan in an effort to combat the Democratic talking point that the GOP wants to "kill" one of the nation's most popular programs.

Harry Reid slams House Republicans for symbolic vote to raise the debt limit

12:02 AM 05/25/2011

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid slammed House Republicans Tuesday for holding a vote to raise the debt ceiling without strings attached to show the lack of support for the measure just moments after explaining his decision to hold a Senate vote on Paul Ryan's budget so Democrats could -- wait for it -- show lack of support for it.

Eric Cantor wants to see Paul Ryan run for president

1:52 PM 05/23/2011

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Monday that he would like to see House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan run for president in 2012 and suggested that any candidate considering a 2012 bid should embrace the Wisconsin Republican's budget plan to cut trillions over the next ten years.