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House Republicans unveil jobs agenda

House Republicans unveiled a new job creation agenda Thursday that calls for lower tax rates, international trade agreements that spur the sale of American-made products and makes it tougher for the federal government to enact regulations on businesses.

Senate rejects budget proposals from GOP and White House

5:52 PM 05/25/2011

In what was largely a symbolic vote, the Senate on Wednesday defeated the House Republican budget proposal crafted by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to cut trillions in federal spending.

Chris Christie shrugs off news that White House may be digging up dirt on him

10:52 AM 05/25/2011

In what has become typical fashion for the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie expressed little worry about the possibility that the White House is building a "dirt" file on him in the event he becomes a threat to the president's re-election campaign, and reiterated, again, that he's not running in 2012.

Medicare Messaging War: Paul Ryan out with new explainer on Medicare overhaul

9:26 AM 05/25/2011

On the same day that Democrats won a special election in New York's 26th district that party strategists said would be a telling referendum on the Republican effort to overhaul Medicare, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released a video to further explain his reform plan in an effort to combat the Democratic talking point that the GOP wants to "kill" one of the nation's most popular programs.

Harry Reid slams House Republicans for symbolic vote to raise the debt limit

12:02 AM 05/25/2011

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid slammed House Republicans Tuesday for holding a vote to raise the debt ceiling without strings attached to show the lack of support for the measure just moments after explaining his decision to hold a Senate vote on Paul Ryan's budget so Democrats could -- wait for it -- show lack of support for it.

Democrats to use budget vote as primary campaign issue in 2012

12:11 AM 05/24/2011

Senate Democrats are licking their chops in anticipation for Thursday's vote on the Republican budget proposal, and plan to use the vote against Republicans every day until the November 2012 elections, a top ranking Senate Democrat said Monday.

Eric Cantor wants to see Paul Ryan run for president

1:52 PM 05/23/2011

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Monday that he would like to see House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan run for president in 2012 and suggested that any candidate considering a 2012 bid should embrace the Wisconsin Republican's budget plan to cut trillions over the next ten years.

Scott Brown takes on Paul Ryan, opposes GOP Medicare reform plan

9:21 AM 05/23/2011

Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who for weeks has withheld his official position on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's plan to overhaul Medicare, announced Monday he will vote to defeat the bill when it arrives on the Senate floor.

Post on Secret Service Twitter account complains about having to watch Fox News

6:16 PM 05/18/2011

The Secret Service joined Twitter only a few weeks ago, but after an accidental post complaining about having to watch the Fox News cable channel, it's clear that the agency is still getting the hang of social media.

‘Made in the USA’: Obama 2012 campaign selling birth certificate-themed mugs and T-shirts

12:39 PM 05/18/2011

President Obama's campaign arm is selling T-shirts with the president's birth certificate printed on the front, which can be yours today for a donation as low as $25 to the re-election campaign.

Joseph Farah says he may sue Esquire for ‘parody’ story on Jerome Corsi book

12:06 PM 05/18/2011

An article on Esquire magazine's website, claiming that the publisher of Jerome Corsi's new book about President Obama's birth certificate is pulling it from bookstores, may have been written as a parody, but not everyone is laughing.

Reid vows to strip oil companies of tax credits even if bill fails

3:22 PM 05/17/2011

Democrats will strip the five largest oil companies of billions in tax credits and write-offs even if the chamber rejects the measure by demanding it be included in budget negotiations later this year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday.

Freshman GOP lawmakers call out conservatives who support energy subsidies through the tax code

10:51 AM 05/17/2011

A bipartisan House bill that would provide $5 billion in tax credits to the natural gas industry has the support of some of the most high-profile conservatives in the chamber, but two Republican freshman are claiming that the bill could hurt their colleagues' free market credibility.

House will vote on measure honoring mission that killed bin Laden after all

5:33 PM 05/12/2011

House Republican leaders confirmed last week that the chamber would not vote on a resolution to honor the efforts that led to killing Osama bin Laden, but New York Rep. Michael Grimm will introduce an amendment Friday to recognize intelligence officials who helped carry out the mission.

Top Senate Republican: Don’t expect Congress to pass a budget this year

3:48 PM 05/12/2011

Congress will "likely" not pass a budget for the federal government in 2011 for a second year in a row, opting instead for a long-term agreement on a top line spending cap and funding extensions, the highest ranking Senate Republican said Thursday.

Boehner says White House reacted with ‘panic and hysteria’ at demands for spending cuts

1:03 PM 05/12/2011

Just days after House Speaker John Boehner announced that Republicans would only agree to raise the debt ceiling in return for spending cuts that total more than amount of the ceiling hike, the Ohio Republican said his terms had "clearly...struck a nerve" with the White House.

Sen. Harry Reid will not view Osama bin Laden photo: ‘I don’t want to see it’

11:14 AM 05/11/2011

The Senate's top-ranking Democrat will not see the photographs of Osama bin Laden's body when they are released to a select number of high ranking elected officials later this week.

Senate Dems split with Obama on transferring tax credit revenue from oil companies to alternative energy

1:01 AM 05/11/2011

Democrats agree that it's time to end tax credits and write-offs for the most profitable oil companies, but when it comes to spending the billions that would be added to government coffers if the bill passes, Congress is ignoring President Obama's call to use the extra money to subsidize alternative energy.

Energy tax credit bill divides conservatives, even splits Ron Paul from group he founded

1:04 AM 05/10/2011

The House is expected to consider a bill soon that would offer $5 billion in tax credits to the natural gas industry, a proposal that is causing a split among conservative members and groups.