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Dr. King, Dr. Carson and the future of black America

Deneen Borelli
Director of Outreach, FreedomWorks

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a stunningly courageous leader who fought valiantly for blacks’ constitutional rights. His leadership was based in sound principles and selflessness, and our country would be well served if today’s public figures followed his example.

For White House, race-card politics trump Fast and Furious transparency

4:04 PM 07/11/2012

President Barack Obama’s promise of a new era of “transparency” in government came crashing down last month when he invoked executive privilege to protect documents surrounding the congressional investigation of Operation Fast and Furious.

The individual mandate isn’t the only problem with Obamacare

7:35 PM 04/25/2012

A ruling on the constitutionality of key elements of Obamacare is expected from the U.S. Supreme Court by late June. The justices, and the public, are primarily focused on the constitutionality of the individual mandate, which would require Americans to purchase health insurance. Unfortunately, the individual mandate isn’t the only problem with Obamacare, a law that, once it fully takes effect, will fundamentally transform --- for the worse --- how health care is provided in this country.

President Obama’s foolhardy energy policy

7:06 PM 02/06/2012

Fearing a political backlash over his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline, President Barack Obama tried to use his State of the Union address to appease critics of his war on fossil fuels.

Sure signs of American society’s decline

3:46 PM 01/17/2012

There were reports of babies out in the cold for hours in Houston. In Indianapolis, two dozen police officers used pepper spray to control an unruly crowd that pried shopping center doors off their hinges.

Morgan Freeman is wrong

2:27 PM 10/04/2011

In a September 23 interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, award-winning actor Morgan Freeman claimed the moral high ground, saying tea partiers have a “racist” motivation against President Obama “to do whatever [they] can to get this black man outta here.”

The Wasserman Schultz double standard

1:21 PM 08/02/2011

Remember the controversy over that conservative congressman’s remark that any toddler who isn’t in school will likely end up in jail? Remember the liberal acrimony over this obviously racist insinuation that black kids can either shape up or be shipped off to prison?

Obama’s policies are causing moral and economic decline

2:15 PM 07/14/2011

Faced with the reality that his policies have failed to spur significant job growth, President Obama is blaming technology for high unemployment.

Obama’s energy policies benefit the powerful at everyone else’s expense

4:25 PM 06/03/2011

Our nation’s natural resources and access to affordable energy are under assault from environmentalists, business interests and progressive politicians. Their plan is to raise the price of fossil fuels to make renewable energy economically competitive.

Senator Rockefeller fiddles while the coal industry burns

3:55 PM 03/24/2011

A plan to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions is gaining momentum, but Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) is playing the spoiler to the growing bi-partisan effort to stop the federal agency’s power grab.

The counteroffensive to President Obama’s war on fossil fuels begins

5:02 PM 03/07/2011

At long last, Congress is launching a counteroffensive to President Obama’s war on fossil fuels.

How Obama can regain the support of the American people

7:15 PM 02/23/2011

President Barack Obama faces a broad array of challenges, from slow economic growth and high unemployment to emerging international crises. He is under mounting pressure to show leadership.

The NAACP’s racism double standard

11:24 AM 02/21/2011

It’s clear that the civil rights establishment, knee-jerk toward what it perceives to be discrimination, turns a blind eye to intolerance and incivility directed at conservatives — even when the victims are black.

Obama energy policies to create a winter of discontent

10:43 AM 01/04/2011

As the thermometer dips lower and snow begins to pile up, the need for cheap and efficient power for heat and light is essential. But the Obama administration's war on fossil fuels is making it increasingly unlikely that the nation’s poorest citizens will be comfortable this winter.

In desperate bid to stay relevant, NAACP chief plays false race card against Beck supporters

1:28 PM 09/01/2010

With his knee-jerk criticism of those attending Glenn Beck’s recent “Restoring Honor” rally, NAACP president Ben Jealous showed what his once-venerable group has become — a progressive front masquerading as a civil rights organization.

Dems’ secret desire to ram cap-and-trade through the back door

1:00 AM 03/23/2010

From health care to energy independence, Barack Obama seems determined to drive our economy and our liberties over a cliff in his effort to remain faithful to the progressive agenda.
Falling poll numbers and off-year election losses in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts appear to have been no deterrent.