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Dustin Siggins is an Associate Editor for The Stream. Formerly the D.C. Correspondent for LifeSiteNews, he has appeared on national TV and radio, and his articles and opinion pieces have appeared at National Review Online, USA TODAY, HotAir.com, Huffington Post, Real Clear Politics, and numerous other publications.

'COMPLETE 180': Catholics At Prayer Breakfast Thrilled That Trump Is Rolling Back Obama's Policies

Politics | Dustin Siggins
'A complete 180-degree turn in the policies'

Social Conservatives Aren't Thrilled With Rex Tillerson

Politics | Dustin Siggins
'To what extent will new administration advocate for global religious liberty and human rights?'

Immigration Is Mostly About Economics, Not A Wall

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
Like all people, immigrants respond to incentives.

Republicans' 'October Surprise' May Have Arrived Thanks To The Los Angeles Times

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
Trump's positioning as the pro-veteran candidate may come in handy.

Senator Introduces Bill To Ban Dismemberment Abortions

US | Dustin Siggins
'This bill brings to light what actually happens to an unborn child during an abortion'

In Test, Government Inspectors Were EASILY Able To Defraud Obamacare

US | Dustin Siggins
'In our view, as a matter of program integrity, the ACA is inherently vulnerable to fraud'

Planned Parenthood Pushes California Bill That Could Jail Whistleblowers, Investigative Journalists

US | Dustin Siggins
'If we’re going to protect the right to abortion, we must protect the privacy and safety of medical providers'

Deceased ISIS Terrorist Was On Maine's Welfare Rolls

US | Dustin Siggins
'This is very embarrassing to the state of Maine'

Don�t Let Trump's Classless Behavior Distract From The DNC's Dishonest Push For Racial Strife

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
Organizers faced criticism for not having the widows of police officers represented.

U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Study: Women Are Getting More Illegal Abortions Thanks To Zika

US | Dustin Siggins
'A propaganda piece for legalizing abortion'

Top Republicans Promise To Continue Investigation Of Planned Parenthood's Body Parts Harvesting

Politics | Dustin Siggins
Pro-life leaders praised the investigation, which has allegedly found violations of federal law

Pregnant Teen With Zika: I'm Not Aborting My 'Miracle' Baby

US | Dustin Siggins
'This is a big miracle for me'

Planned Parenthood's Anti-Women Agenda On Display In Colorado

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
More than one million abortions take place each year in America.

Five Reasons Tennessee's New Gun Law Should Be Repealed

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
Tennessee's new gun law is an unnecessary intervention of activist government

Built A Wall For Estrada And Gonzales, Shoved Condi Rice To The Back Of The Bus

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
He was playing politics then, and is playing politics now.

Boehner Walks Into A Trap On Fox News Sunday

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
Setting the media narrative

The NYT Editorial Board's Schizophrenic View Of Police Enforcement

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
The Times whines about lax enforcement after decrying police brutality just weeks ago

Bill Maher Is Right: Ben Affleck's Muddy View Of Islam Highlights America's Religious Relativism

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
Support for executing apostates and adulterers is unsettlingly high across the Muslim world.

Obama Administration And Senate Open The Door For Incompetence And Corruption With New OMB Pick

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
Shaun Donovan doesn't exactly have a stellar record.

San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade Bans Military Recruiters

US | Dustin Siggins
No tolerance for military

Planned Parenthood's Full-Spectrum Assault On Women

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
A new website catalogues the government-funded nonprofit's horrors.

The War On Women: Waged By America's Abortion Profiteers

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
The GOP needs to get real about confronting Democrat abortion spin

No, the GOP didn't force Obama to abandon modest Social Security reform

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
The president doesn't want to tackle the nation's financial issues, so why would he include chained CPI in his budget?

The tactical insanity of the GOP

Opinion | Dustin Siggins
One day the party shuts down a farm bill, the next it guts sequestration.

Congress: Still more worried about elections than doing what's right

| Dustin Siggins
The emerging Murray-Ryan consensus is small potatoes.

UPDATE: Gay Wisc. GOP campaign worker recants, admits inventing 'bias crime' assault

Elections | Dustin Siggins
Gay staffer said he was attacked for helping straight Republican against gay Democrat

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