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Obama Administration And Senate Open The Door For Incompetence And Corruption With New OMB Pick

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan listens during opening statements at a Senate Budget Committee confirmation hearing on his nomination to be the director of the Office of Management and Budget, on Capitol Hill in Washington June 11, 2014.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Rule number 12 of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals advises readers to “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” In politics, this is standard operating procedure – think about how Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was the face of Mediscare tactics by Democrats in 2011 and 2012, or how the Republican National Committee has started a “fire Harry Reid” campaign this year.

San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade Bans Military Recruiters

10:25 PM 06/24/2014

The 44th Annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade and Celebration is refusing to allow military recruiters anywhere near the festivities.

Planned Parenthood’s Full-Spectrum Assault On Women

3:29 PM 05/30/2014

Since its inception in 1916 as the nation's first birth control clinic, Planned Parenthood has said it is fighting for the rights of women. That claim continues today, with Planned Parenthood fighting against pro-life regulations in numerous states because, they say, women are helped by abortion.

The War On Women: Started And Continued By America’s Abortion Profiteers

10:48 AM 05/08/2014

In 2012, the Democratic Party successfully convinced a large part of the American public that Republicans wanted to wage a "War on Women." With their chances of victory in November's midterm elections looking increasingly slim, many Democrats are relitigating the non-existent "War" for 2014.

No, the GOP didn’t force Obama to abandon modest Social Security reform

12:25 PM 02/25/2014

Over at Wonkblog, Zachary Goldfarb says the president's decision not to include a change to CPI for Social Security rate increases – a measure with little impact on the federal budget in the near-term, but modest benefit to America's fiscal situation in the long-term – in his budget is the fault not of furious liberals, but Republicans.

The tactical insanity of the GOP

5:57 PM 02/18/2014

Last week, the GOP completely caved on the debt ceiling, ending a series of tactical missteps over the last eight months that have hurt the party and the nation. It started with the farm bill in June, and ended with the debt ceiling – a combination of moves that started off with too little compromise regarding the farm bill and the government shutdown, and ended with merely a whimper with the budget deal, the passage of the farm bill, and the raising of the debt ceiling.

Congress: Still more worried about elections than doing what’s right

4:20 PM 12/03/2013

When it comes to the budget, those who look to Washington for leadership and solutions are like Charlie Brown – constantly hoping this time Lucy won't move the football.

UPDATE: Gay Wisc. GOP campaign worker recants, admits inventing ‘bias crime’ assault

9:16 AM 10/25/2012

Editor's note, Oct. 29: Kyle Wood has recanted his claim that formed the basis for this article, originally titled "Wisconsin GOP campaign worker hospitalized after apparent gay-bashing assault." In a statement to police, he admitted that he had faked the bias attack against himself.

The administration’s special treatment of UAW cost taxpayers $26.5 billion

9:36 AM 06/13/2012

On Wednesday morning, The Heritage Foundation released a paper by Center for Data Analysis Senior Fellow James Sherk on the cost of the 2009 auto bailout. The Treasury Department estimates that the auto bailout will end up costing taxpayers $23 billion and, according to Sherk, all of those losses are the result of the Obama administration’s special treatment of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. In the paper, Sherk pegs the eventual cost of that special treatment at $26.5 billion --- $3.5 billion more than the auto bailout's estimated net cost.

An interview with Rep. Anthony Weiner’s GOP opponent

11:00 AM 07/09/2010

I am pleased to present the following interview with Bob Turner, who is challenging Rep. Anthony Weiner for New York's Ninth Congressional District.

An interview with Rep. Jim Moran’s GOP opponent

12:00 AM 07/02/2010

On Monday evening, a friend told me that Patrick Murray, the Republican opponent of Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), was holding an event on the roof of my apartment complex. Intrigued due to the RealClearPolitics video of Moran saying “the economy has recovered” this past weekend, as well as the ethics issues Moran was cleared of earlier this year, I attended the event, where the campaign allowed me a few minutes to interview Murray.

Leave Afghanistan

12:01 AM 06/24/2010

On Monday, a former professor and I were chatting, and the war in Afghanistan came up. I have been supporting a 100 percent pull-out from that country- as well as Iraq- for some time now, and think that with the General McChrystal issue hitting the fan (for the record, I support the president’s acceptance of the general’s resignation), it's as good a time as any to write about why we need to leave the country.

Just the facts about Social Security

12:00 AM 06/18/2010

On May 26, 2010, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) wrote an op-ed in Politico defending Social Security’s solvency, and refuting many concerns cited by critics. Intrigued, I contacted the Congressman’s press secretary by phone the following day to interview the Congressman about his assertions, and to contrast them with what I have heard and read from critics of Social Security. His press secretary and I exchanged several phone calls, and I sent two follow-up e-mails regarding an interview. After receiving no response, I moved forward.

Simple ways to cut the federal budget

12:39 AM 04/05/2010

Last week, Real Clear Politics linked to an excellent National Affairs piece about solving the national debt. The Heritage Foundation’s Bill Beach and I are working on a project regarding the national debt, and I felt the article was extraordinarily practical for both America’s public officials and the voting public. Congress has been pushing off hard decisions on everything from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to effective energy policy for years, and it’s time for the voting public to hold them responsible.

Pelosi was right: Now we’re finally seeing what’s in the bill

12:00 AM 03/29/2010

Several weeks ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the health care bill had to be passed so “you can know what’s in it.” Conservatives pounced on the opportunity to hammer her, and the clip soon became a laughingstock.

Summit outcome could set stage for GOP coup

12:00 AM 02/24/2010

Two weeks ago, Anthem Blue Cross raised its rates in California rather sharply. To my mind, the move gave a fresh boost to Democratic health care reform, certainly not a positive occurrence—even despite Anthem’s market-based, and quite logical, defense. Furthermore, the federal investigation into the rate hikes gave Obama a bit of a public relations boost, as his administration could now point to “evidence” that their reform was necessary. To paraphrase Nina Easton on Monday’s “Special Report,” Obama’s new health care proposal hopes that the American people dislike insurance companies more than they distrust government officials.

Feb. 6 was Black Friday for GOP

11:58 PM 02/11/2010

Last Friday, Feb. 5,  was not a good day for those who believe in small government, banning earmarks, balanced budgets and the Republican Party. In fact, it was a very bad day for all three.