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House Intelligence Chairman Wants To Charge Snowden With Murder

3:38 PM 10/22/2014

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers told members of Britain's Parliament this week he wants to charge National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden with murder for revealing surveillance programs run by NSA and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters.

IKEA’s New Commercial Will Put A ‘Shine’ On Your Halloween [VIDEO]

1:46 PM 10/22/2014

A new Halloween-themed commercial for furniture retailer IKEA pays homage to Stanley Kubrick's creepy classic "The Shining" by recreating the nightmare of little Danny Torrance, who in the infamous scene is shown triking through the haunted Overlook Hotel before encountering a pair ghostly twins in matching dresses.

Apple Releases iOS Update With Apple Pay

5:23 PM 10/20/2014

Apple on Monday released its latest mobile software update -- iOS 8.1, which includes the company's new proprietary mobile payment system, Apple Pay, and lets users turn their iPhones into a single swipe digital wallet.