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Taxi Association President Says UberX Is Just Like ISIS

3:26 PM 10/30/2014

Silicon Valley ridesharing service Uber's insurgent entry into the automobile transportation industry isn't going well for some in Pennsylvania, where the president of the state's taxi association compared the company to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS this week.

Watch This BMW Out-Drag A Ferrari [VIDEO]

1:11 PM 10/30/2014

It's rare to see a Ferrari lose a race, let alone to car traditionally far below its performance class. Yet despite the legendary luxury supercar's status and higher factory specs, that's exactly what happened when this V12, 651-horsepower FF went up against a V8, twin turbo, 560-horsepower BMW M5 F10.

Check Out These Eyewitness Videos Of Orbital Sciences’ Rocket Exploding At Launch [VIDEO]

1:09 PM 10/29/2014

NASA TV captured live footage Tuesday night of the accidental explosion of an Orbital Sciences rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station during launch, resulting in an enormous fireball witnessed by countless bystanders and their cameras around (and in one case above) NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. (RELATED: INCREDIBLE Footage Of Rocket Exploding During Launch)

Report: CIA Deleted Computer Records About Senate Spying

12:12 PM 10/24/2014

An investigation by the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms into CIA spying of Senate Intelligence Committee computers wrapped up this week without drawing any significant conclusions as a result of lost computer records reportedly deleted by the agency.