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Senate Unveils New NSA Reform Bill, Silicon Valley, Privacy Advocates Praise

An illustration picture shows the logo of the U.S. National Security Agency on the display of an iPhone in Berlin, June 7, 2013. The debate over whether the U.S. government is violating citizens' privacy rights while trying to protect them from terrorism escalated dramatically on Thursday amid reports that authorities have collected data on millions of phone users and tapped into servers at nine internet companies.   REUTERS/Pawel Kopczynski   (GERMANY - Tags: POLITICS SOCIETY BUSINESS) - RTX10EYW

Silicon Valley and privacy advocates are praising newly revamped National Security Agency reform legislation unveiled in the Senate Tuesday, which would put in place some of the strongest restraints on the agency yet.

Report: Tesla And Panasonic Team Up To Build Battery Gigafactory

6:08 PM 07/28/2014

Leading American electric auto manufacturer Tesla Motors is reportedly entering into a deal with Japanese electronics corporation Panasonic to build the company's forthcoming battery Gigafactory, which will be the biggest ever built.

Edward Snowden Is Running Out Of Time To Cut A Deal With NSA, Spy Agency Reports

4:58 PM 07/28/2014

As the intelligence stolen by Edward Snowden gets older and older, the former National Security Agency contractor has less and less chance to secure a deal to bring him back home, according to an agency official.

Couple Captures Dangerously Close Iceberg Collapse On Video [VIDEO]

2:16 PM 07/28/2014

A couple out boating in Newfoundland, Canada last Tuesday witnessed a large iceberg collapse less than 200 feet from their boat, and caught the ordeal on camera.

‘Mad Max’ Returns In The First Trailer For ‘Fury Road’ [VIDEO]

1:40 PM 07/28/2014

In another Comic-Con weekend exclusive, San Diego attendees were privy to the first look at the explosive return of Mad Max to the big screen in "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Russia Lost Contact With A Satellite Full Of Mating Space-Geckos, And John Oliver, Patrick Stewart and Buzz Aldrin Want To Save It [VIDEO]

12:50 PM 07/28/2014

In the midst of so much international strife, coming together to save a wandering satellite full of frisky space-geckos is exactly the morale-booster the world needs, according to "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver.

First Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Five Debuts At Comic-Con [VIDEO]

6:12 PM 07/25/2014

The first trailer for season five of "The Walking Dead" debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 on Friday, and there finally appears to be some hope on the horizon for the zombie apocalypse's favorite cast of survivors.

Lockheed Is Finally Getting The F-35′s Amazing New Helmet

5:34 PM 07/25/2014

Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet of the future is finally getting the pilot's helmet to match.

Court Approves Warrantless Use Of Police Anti-Terror Phone-Tracking Tech

3:54 PM 07/25/2014

A state supreme court has just approved the use of a special police counterterrorism phone tracking device without a warrant.

This Is What Morgan Freeman Sounds Like On Helium [VIDEO]

1:04 PM 07/25/2014

"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon took legendary actor Morgan Freeman's equally legendary voice to new heights Thursday night.

Elon Musk Wants Planes To Be Electric, Take Off And Land Vertically [VIDEO]

12:20 PM 07/25/2014

As a guest on the Colbert Report Thursday night, SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk explained his vision for the future of flight, and it draws directly from his revolutionary work on automobiles and spaceflight.

‘Batman V. Superman’ Director Reveals New Image Of Batfleck

11:19 AM 07/25/2014

In celebration of DC Comics' 75th anniversary of Batman this week, "Batman v. Superman" director Zack Snyder tweeted the second look at the dark knight's newest film incarnation, portrayed by a moody and sad-looking Ben Affleck.

Conan’s Office Is Full Of Loud, Lazy, Porn-Watching Robots [VIDEO]

10:56 AM 07/25/2014

Inspired by the recent influx of robots into the economy, Conan O'Brien decided to give viewers a look at his late show office's own autonomous tech team, all of whom have mastered the tasks essential to a productive work environment: Facebooking, watercooler gossiping, long, loud personal calls and copious amounts of porn.

NSA Reform Bill Likely To Surface In Senate Next Week

5:48 PM 07/24/2014

National Security Agency bulk surveillance reform is likely to surface in the Senate early next week.

Check Out The First Trailer For Ridley Scott’s Live-Action ‘Halo’ [VIDEO]

5:04 PM 07/24/2014

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 attendees got the first look at Ridley Scott's live-action "Halo: Nightfall" series Thursday, and the famed "Alien" director looks posed to do justice to the legendary sci-fi Xbox title.

The First Trailer For Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Nightcrawler’ Upsets Nerds All Over The Web [VIDEO]

4:12 PM 07/24/2014

Open Road Films just released the first trailer for the film "Nightcrawler" starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and it's... not what anyone thought it was.

Jimmy Kimmel Proves No One Knows What A Smartwatch Is [VIDEO]

3:12 PM 07/24/2014

Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" doesn't believe anyone knows anything about Apple's forthcoming smartwatch, and that despite the lack of details, Apple fans will love it -- and buy it.

Burglar Gets Eight Years After His Break-In Is Caught On Xbox Live

1:38 PM 07/24/2014

A robber in the UK has received eight years in prison after his burglary of a flat in East Sussex was caught on Xbox Live.

Newly Released Document Reveals How The US Government Defines A Terrorist

11:53 AM 07/24/2014

A newly leaked document from the National Counterterrorism Center is giving the world its first inside peek at how the U.S. government identifies and tracks suspected terrorists in country and abroad.