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Hannity Goes Off On ISIS-Supporting Imam: ‘Every Radical Islamist Like You Will Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth’ [VIDEO]

Fox News host Sean Hannity got into a fiery exchange Wednesday night with radical British imam Anjem Choudary.

Longtime Leno Producer Says America Would Embrace Conservative Late Night Host

9:34 PM 08/27/2014

America may be ready for a conservative-leaning late night host, but the networks would never allow it, argues a longtime producer of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

Black Terror Flag Flies Over Paris Anti-Israel Rally [VIDEO]

8:53 AM 08/25/2014

PARIS -- At an anti-Israel protest next to the Eiffel Tower Sunday, one attendee flew a black flag of the type often used by Islamist terror groups.

This Story Tells You All You Need To Know About Bill Clinton

1:15 AM 08/22/2014

In his recently released book "Clinton, Inc.," Weekly Standard online editor Daniel Halper recounts an extraordinarily revealing tale about former President Bill Clinton.

Hagel On ISIS Threat: ‘Beyond Anything We’ve Seen’

4:52 PM 08/21/2014

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel issued a chilling assessment of the threat posed by the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Thursday.

John Kerry Says ISIS ‘Will Be Crushed’ — But Does President Obama Agree?

12:32 AM 08/21/2014

Secretary of State John Kerry took to Twitter Wednesday to talk tough about the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS Threatens America Again: ‘We Will Drown All Of You In Blood’

11:45 PM 08/18/2014

You almost get the sense the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is trying to tell America something.

Iranian Supreme Leader Uses Ferguson To Attack America’s Human Rights Record On Twitter

4:59 PM 08/17/2014

Iran's Supreme Leader is using the racial unrest in Ferguson, Mo. to attack America's human rights record.

NYTimes Reporter: Obama ‘Greatest Enemy To Press Freedom In A Generation’ [VIDEO]

2:31 AM 08/17/2014

President Barack Obama is no friend of press freedom, says a New York Times reporter who may be sent to jail for refusing to reveal a source.

Even Liberals Think Rick Perry’s Indictment Looks ‘Sketchy’

3:21 PM 08/16/2014

Even liberals find Rick Perry's indictment for allegedly abusing his power hard to swallow.

Ben Carson’s ‘One Nation’ Overtakes Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ In Total Sales

11:58 AM 08/15/2014

Ben Carson's latest book has just overtaken Hillary Clinton's new memoir in total book sales.

Intel Official: ISIS ‘Sees Conflict With The US As Inevitable’

2:13 AM 08/15/2014

An intelligence official warned Thursday that the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria "sees conflict with the U.S. as inevitable," The Washington Post's David Ignatius reported in his latest column.

Charity Auctioning Off Lunch With Julian Assange

4:39 PM 08/14/2014

If you ever dreamed of having lunch with accused sexual predator Julian Assange, you're in luck.

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Compared Arming Syrian Rebels To Supporting Al-Qaida in 2012 [VIDEO]

9:53 PM 08/12/2014

Hillary Clinton now says she was a strong advocate of arming the Syrian rebels when she was secretary of state, but in a February 2012 interview, she passionately pushed back against the viability of such an opposition -- even raising the specter that such a policy might be akin to supporting al-Qaida.

ISIS Members Threaten To Attack America [VIDEO]

6:24 PM 08/12/2014

Even as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria fights to expand the territory under its control in the Middle East, statements from members of ISIS suggest the terror group views America as a future target.

Hillary Clinton Can’t Escape The Obama Admin’s Lousy Foreign Policy Record

11:43 PM 08/11/2014

Try as she will, Hillary Clinton won't be able to escape the taint of Barack Obama's disastrous foreign policy. Or at least she shouldn't be allowed to.

Is This Robin Williams’ Final Talk Show Appearance? [VIDEO]

8:18 PM 08/11/2014

Robin Williams, who died Monday at the age of 63, appeared on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" last November in what might have been his final appearance on television as himself, not a character. According to a search of IMDb, it certainly seems to have been his final talk show appearance.

John Oliver Skewers Obama Over Iraq Tone

12:10 AM 08/11/2014

Liberal comedian John Oliver took on President Barack Obama Sunday night over the tone the president set while sending American troops back into battle in Iraq.

Leader Obama Gets Parenting Advice From To ‘Shameless Militant Woman’ Journalist: ‘Know Your Place’

1:51 PM 08/08/2014

A world leader President Barack Obama admitted he sought parenting advice from lashed out against a female journalist Thursday for being a little bit too bossy.