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Jimmy Kimmel laughs at Drudge Report headline

Jimmy Kimmel is apparently an avid reader of The Drudge Report.

George Will on his Common Core opposition: It ‘inevitably will drive curriculum’

11:16 PM 04/24/2014

George Will says he is no fan of Common Core.

FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe discusses his new libertarian manifesto

10:48 PM 04/24/2014

What would America look like if those in power were more libertarian-minded?

George Will explains why America’s top conservative commentators love baseball

11:58 PM 04/23/2014

What is it with conservative commentators and baseball?

Joel McHale speaks about the future of NBC’s ‘Community’

11:52 PM 04/23/2014

Joel McHale says he has big news about the future of NBC's "Community."

George Will socks it to Colbert: ‘I’m aware of the standards here’

12:27 AM 04/23/2014

George Will opened up his appearance on "The Colbert Report" with a witty slam of the liberal host, Stephen Colbert.

Interview: Joel McHale ready to ‘bash everyone’ at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

11:23 PM 04/22/2014

With less than two weeks before Joel McHale is supposed to stand on a dais just feet away from the leader of the free world and rhetorically skewer him, The Daily Caller asked if the star of NBC’s “Community” and E! channel’s “The Soup” would care to share a joke or two.

George Will: ‘The president says lots of debates are over because he is losing them’

10:10 PM 04/22/2014

Though President Obama declared last week that the debate on Obamacare is over, legendary conservative commentator George Will says otherwise.

George Will on Colbert: ‘Incorrigibly wrong’ but ‘bright’ and ‘educable’

3:42 PM 04/22/2014

George Will faces off against Stephen Colbert tonight, but before he goes on "The Colbert Report," he has a message for the late night comedian.

Jimmy Fallon mocks Hillary Clinton for dressing like a man

12:59 AM 04/22/2014

Jimmy Fallon wasn't very nice to Hillary Clinton during Monday night's edition of NBC's "The Tonight Show."

Author: LBJ ‘most-threatened president in American history’

9:56 PM 04/21/2014

Hey, hey LBJ, how many death threats did you get today?

Chelsea Clinton is having a baby

5:10 PM 04/17/2014

The 2056 Democratic presidential frontrunner is on its way.

Poll: Americans think Obama is a liar

11:53 AM 04/17/2014

It took a few years, but Americans are finally coming around to the same opinion as famed congressional heckler Joe Wilson: Obama lies.

Bloomberg on his liberal advocacy: ‘I’ve earned my place in heaven — it’s not even close’

11:31 PM 04/15/2014

Say what you will about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but don't you dare accuse of him of being modest.

Ben Carson: Trayvon Martin case makes us reconsider what weapons neighborhood watchmen should carry

11:13 PM 04/15/2014

Ben Carson says the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman tragedy should make Americans reconsider the role of neighborhood watchmen -- including what kinds of weaponry they should carry.

An unexpected lesson in diversity from America’s top selling book

11:32 PM 04/14/2014

America's top selling non-fiction book has much to teach about Wall Street malfeasance, but it also offers an intriguing perspective on diversity.

WATCH the alleged Kansas shooter’s incredibly anti-Semitic interview

11:33 AM 04/14/2014

Frazier Glenn Miller didn't try to hide his hatred of Jewish people.

Mark Steyn on Scarborough 2016: ‘He’s a smart guy,’ but ‘he’s not where the base is’

12:02 PM 04/11/2014

Conservative columnist Mark Steyn is not convinced Joe Scarborough can win the Republican nomination if he runs for president in 2016, but he does think the MSNBC host is "quite smart and quite savvy."

WEINSTEIN: Bob Costas should stop whining and apologize

11:40 PM 04/08/2014

If you disagree with sportscaster extraordinaire Bob Costas' liberal proselytizing, you're an extremist. At least so says the always objective Bob Costas.