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Arianna Huffington completes transition from Interent mogul to new age BS guru

Arianna Huffington is now Deepak Chopra.

Bill Maher defends Rumsfeld: He ‘is a guy who thinks about things’

2:01 AM 03/22/2014

Donald Rumsfeld seems to have given access to the person who loathes him the most in the world to produce a documentary of his life.

CNN’s Don Lemon on missing flight: ‘A lot of people have been asking about black holes’

1:58 AM 03/20/2014

CNN host Don Lemon raised the possibility Wednesday night that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight was swallowed by a black hole.

Australian prime minister says search planes being sent to look at possible debris from missing Malaysian Airlines flight

1:26 AM 03/20/2014

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says search planes are being sent to take a look at debris discovered on satellite imagery off the coast of Australia, ABC's "Nightline" reported early Thursday morning.

Jimmy Fallon dings Obamacare as unpopular, mocks Obama’s feckless handling of Ukraine

12:24 AM 03/20/2014

Much has been made about new "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon's supposed liberal inclinations, but Wednesday night he had no problem ripping Obamacare and needling President Obama over his handling of Ukraine.

Retired Air Force general stands by theory Malaysian Airlines flight could have landed in Pakistan

12:48 AM 03/19/2014

Retired Air Force General Thomas McInerney isn't backing away from his thriller novel-like suggestion that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight could have very well landed in Pakistan -- and he says his theory is based on more than mere conjecture.

WEINSTEIN: Rand Paul is nothing like Reagan on foreign policy

1:17 AM 03/17/2014

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul wants you to know that none of his fellow potential 2016 presidential contenders have a foreign policy quite like Ronald Reagan’s.

O’Reilly tells Letterman what guest he most wanted to punch

1:16 AM 03/15/2014

Fox News star Bill O'Reilly appeared on CBS' "Late Show with David Letterman" Friday and revealed which "O'Reilly Factor" guest he most wanted to punch:

Socialist Bernie Sanders begins to lay out his potential presidential platform

12:22 AM 03/15/2014

Bernie Sanders doesn't run away from the socialist label.

Late night host Seth Meyers to Rachel Maddow: ‘You’re like basically my dream woman’

2:52 AM 03/12/2014

In a very competitive field, Seth Meyers is making a strong case that he is the most liberal host in the late night game.

Rick Perry on possible 2016 presidential run: ‘America is a great place for second chances’

1:27 AM 03/12/2014

Facing off with late night show host Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday morning, Rick Perry advised the ABC funny man that he does interviews while packing heat.

Retired Gen. Scales on Ukraine: ‘There should be a military option on the table’ [VIDEO]

11:35 PM 03/03/2014

Speaking on the crisis in Ukraine, retired Major Gen. Robert Scales argued Monday night that "there should be a military option on the table."

Jeb Bush’s tea party problem

10:14 PM 03/03/2014

If Jeb Bush runs for the Republican presidential nomination, he may face pushback from the tea party -- and not just for the reasons you might expect.

Oscar winners rarely ‘thank’ God in acceptance speeches

3:18 PM 03/02/2014

God may have created the world, but few Academy Award winners apparently think he had any hand in their success.

8 questions with former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren

10:50 PM 02/27/2014

Recent U.S. Israeli ambassador Michael Oren argues the U.S.-Israel relationship remains strong -- even if President Barack Obama does not have the "deep spiritual connection" Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had with the Jewish State.

Liam Neeson blasts de Blasio over proposed horse carriage ban

12:10 AM 02/27/2014

Liam Neeson has a movie coming out but all the actor wanted to talk about Wednesday night during his appearance on "The Daily Show" was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposed horse carriage ban.

GOP senator: Immigration reform could still happen in 2014

5:17 PM 02/26/2014

Don't count immigration reform out just yet for 2014.

Egyptian army ridiculously claims it has cured AIDS and Hepatitis C

2:15 AM 02/26/2014

The Egyptian army declared over the weekend that it cured AIDS and Hepatitis C.

Former Jay Leno producer predicts Leno will return to TV: ‘I have a funny feeling that might happen’

12:36 AM 02/26/2014

A former producer for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" predicted Tuesday night that we have not seen the last of Leno hosting a "daily comedy" television show.

Seth Meyers to Biden: ‘If there was an NRA for finger guns, you would be the president’

1:49 AM 02/25/2014

Seth Meyers didn't prove to be a particularly talented conversationalist during his debut as host of the NBC's "Late Night," but he did get in one good quip at Joe Biden's expense while the vice president was sitting next to him.