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HuffPo's New Editor In Chief Is Already Undoing Arianna's Liberal Legacy

Politics | Katie Frates
The site called Trump a 'Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic Demagogue'

Trump Knows Obama's Secret

Politics | Katie Frates
'He was smiling, I was smiling'

MSNBC Is Making A Lot More Money Thanks To Trump

Politics | Katie Frates
'The president's media habits are so predictable'

You've Got To See Theresa May's EPIC Takedown Of An Anti-Trump Socialist

Video | Katie Frates
'He can lead a protest. I'm leading a country'

Dems Are Really, Really Peeved About Gorsuch's Supreme Court Nomination

Politics | Katie Frates
'Radical views on women's rights...'

Scarborough Scalds 'Self-Righteous' Obama, Says He Should Keep His Mouth Shut

Politics | Katie Frates
'Barack Obama can't have it both ways'

Hillary Camp Still Frothing Over Her Loss, And They've Found A New Person To Blame

Politics | Katie Frates
'They thought she'd win anyway'

Teens Throw College Lecturer Into A River Because He's White

Education | Katie Frates
He was going jogging

Dem Focus On Immigration Freeze Will Push More Voters To Trump

Opinion | Katie Frates
They might be gone once Democrats realize their mistake

FedEx Releases Statement On Driver Who Saved An American Flag From Being Burned

US | Katie Frates
Anti-Trump protesters were trying to burn it

Former Obama Officials Are Losing It Over Trump's Visa Ban

Politics | Katie Frates
'This is stone cold crazy'

Liberal Women Will Not Like What Kellyanne Conway Said About Them

Politics | Katie Frates
'It's just so ironic to me...'

Hillary Just Sent A Message To All The Anti-Trump Protesters

Politics | Katie Frates
'I stand with the people gathered across the country'

'I'm A Mother, A Wife, And A Catholic': Kellyanne Conway Addresses March For Life

US | Katie Frates
'This is a new day. A new dawn for life'

MUST WATCH: FedEx Driver Saves An American Flag Protesters Try To Burn

US | Katie Frates
'All you guys! Back off! Back off!'

Kellyanne Conway Says Feminism Is Turning Men Into 'Feckless' Boobs

Politics | Katie Frates
'My favorite label is...'

MUST WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Doing Stand-Up Comedy

Politics | Katie Frates
You have got to see this

Voters Reveal Their Opinions On Ivanka And Melania

Politics | Katie Frates
And it's good news for both of them

America Liked Trump's Inauguration Speech. A Lot.

Politics | Katie Frates
Good news for Trump

Take A Break From The World With This Fantastic Book Series

Entertainment | Katie Frates
'What a wonderful story! You have a delightful voice'

There Could Be A New Top Dog In Trump's Press Corps

Politics | Katie Frates
'The paper of record...'

Cory Booker Tweets Out Fake Founding Father Quote To Attack Trump

Politics | Katie Frates
'This does not appear to me to be a valid Franklin quote...'

BuzzFeed Ben Explains Why They Posted Dossier: CNN Did It First

Politics | Katie Frates
'We hadn’t anticipated what actually happened...'

It Wasn't A Women's March, Check The Fine Print

Opinion | Katie Frates
'We must not just talk about feminism as one issue'

Kellyanne Drops Rhetorical Atom Bomb On Chuck Todd Over Media's Crowd Obsession

Politics | Katie Frates
'Don't be so overly dramatic about it, Chuck'

Brennan 'Angered' By Trump's CIA Speech

Politics | Katie Frates
He didn't hold back

CNN Analyst Reveals The Truth About The Women's March

Politics | Katie Frates
'It's not about women, it's about...'

Some Of The Signs At The Women's March Will Blow Your Mind

US | Katie Frates
Featuring giant tampons

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