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Marxist Student Gets Stumped By Man Dressed As A Peacock

10:39 PM 11/21/2017

At a Marxist rally hosted by New York University students in New York City’s Washington Square Park in September, a representative from NYU’s Asian/Pacific/American Institute had a hard time dealing with a a black man dressed as a peacock as she tried to address her "comrades."

Communist Cadet’s Plebe Year Professor Told Him To Resign

10:09 PM 10/15/2017

Last week, former West Point instructor Lieutenant Colonel Robert Heffington, who reported communist West Point cadet Spenser Rapone, penned an open letter to academy graduates blaming West Point’s superintendent, commandant and dean for fostering a sweeping “culture of permissiveness” and an “embrace of mediocrity” within the academy. Now, some faculty have confirmed Heffington's criticisms, and a former USMA professor claiming to have taught Rapone in his first year at the academy says the communist cadet was urged to resign.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Senior West Point Faculty Member Agrees With Criticism Of Institution

11:28 PM 10/13/2017

Following the circulation of a retired lieutenant colonel’s open letter charging West Point’s leadership with facilitating an academy-wide “embrace of mediocrity,” the Academy’s superintendent, Lieutenant General Robert Caslen, issued a detailed response in an open letter this week to members of the Long Gray Line, stating that he has “great concern being called a liar after more than 42 years of honorable service to our Nation and many years serving here at West Point.”

The NAACP Is Full-On Going To War With Jerry Jones

2:56 PM 10/11/2017

The NAACP issued a Tuesday press release charging Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, with violating NFL players’ free speech rights by threatening to bench players who continue to kneel during the national anthem.