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Netanyahu: Police Chief Recommending Indictment Is ‘Delusional’

In this handout provided by the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2015 Policy Conference, March 2, 2015 in Washington, DC. Tomorrow March 3rd Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to address a joint session of the US Congress. Photo by Amos Ben Gershom/GPO via Getty Images

The general commissioner of Israeli police and multiple Israeli police chiefs unanimously agreed Wednesday night to recommend indicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges, alleging that there is strong evidence in support of accusations that Netanyahu and his wife accepted bribes in the form of large gifts.

Texas Executes Man Who Murdered Daughters While Mom Listened

12:08 AM 02/02/2018

John Battaglia, convicted of killing his two young daughters in 2001 while their mother listened helplessly over the phone, was executed via lethal injection in Texas on Thursday. The execution came after a federal court that had twice forestalled the man’s execution shot down a last-minute appeal filed by Battaglia's lawyers.

Supreme Court Stays Execution Of Alabama Death Row Inmate

3:28 PM 01/26/2018

After Vernon Madison's attorneys argued in court that their client could no longer remember murdering a police officer in 1985 due to dementia, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Thursday evening issued a temporary stay on the execution of the 67-year-old death row inmate, just minutes before Madison was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection.

Satanist Fights Abortion Law In Missouri Supreme Court

9:43 AM 01/24/2018

An adherent of the Satanic Temple on Tuesday filed suit against Gov. Eric Greitens and the state of Missouri in the Missouri Supreme Court, claiming that a state law requiring a mandatory 72-hour waiting period before an abortion violated the plaintiff's religious belief that life does not begin at conception.

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-PC Professor Suing NYU Speaks Out

10:45 PM 01/15/2018

Michael Rectenwald -- the PC-bashing, "deplorable" New York University professor behind the Twitter handle @antipcnyuprof -- is suing NYU and four of his colleagues for defamation, alleging that he was subjected to a campaign of ostracism and harassment when he criticized campus political correctness.

Rectenwald’s suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday, alleges that current and former NYU faculty members used official email distribution lists to defame him in May of 2017, calling him a “right-wing misogynist,” an “asshole” and “Satan” in messages sent to over 100 NYU faculty and administrators.

When contacted by The Daily Caller, John Beckman, New York University’s chief spokesman, brusquely dismissed the allegations. “The suit is without merit,” Beckman stated.

Marxist Student Gets Stumped By Man Dressed As A Peacock

10:39 PM 11/21/2017

At a Marxist rally hosted by New York University students in New York City’s Washington Square Park in September, a representative from NYU’s Asian/Pacific/American Institute had a hard time dealing with a a black man dressed as a peacock as she tried to address her "comrades."