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      Scoops Delacroix

      Scoops Delacroix is a freelance journalist and former communications director for the Front de libération du Québec. His book "Shake: Yuri Andropov and the Death of Narrative" is available on Amazon.

Cave To Iran

U.S. President Barack Obama pauses while speaking about Iran during his meeting with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington March 3, 2015. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

I took in Jersey Boys the other night and I must say, I found the performance not to my liking. All the planets lined up for Frankie Valli’s understudy, who got called up to the show. What he lacked in stage experience he more than made up for in confidence, for he seemed bound and determined to fundamentally transform the role. This was my suspicion, anyway, as he sang the opening number inexplicably backed by grandiose Greek columns. My suspicion was confirmed when he ad-libbed the show’s signature song, Walk Like A Man:

Little Pajama Boy

1:27 PM 12/22/2015

Well, this one is a little bit late, but better late than never. In fairness to me, I spent the last two years in isolation, contemplating whether Pajama Boy was an epic troll of conservatives or an actual sign that feminization of the American Male is essentially complete. Turns out it wasn’t feminization but gentrification that I should have worried about. Hipsters followed my tracks to my theretofore ascetic lair, copying even my diet and manner of dress. Now there’s a two hour farm-to-table wait on Wednesday nights at Locust and Honey, and the juice bar is three-deep at all hours with sandal-clad Beardonistas in camel hair coats and cinched leather belts.

O Man Bun! O Man Bun!

11:30 AM 12/15/2015

We Americans are familiar with “If You See Something, Say Something”, the Department of Homeland Security’s national campaign to keep us vigilant against threats of terrorism. An engaged and alert citizenry is critical to thwarting such dangerous behavior. So why limit this effort to national security threats? Why not also be on the lookout to avert the dire consequences of ill-advised men’s hairstyles, and similar attacks on national good taste? Alone there is only so much we can do, but working together we style sentries can make a difference. I’m talking about you, Man Bun - this ends now.

When Temperature’s Cold As Nome

10:23 AM 12/07/2015

A lot of people say the Global War On Climate Change is nothing more than power politics of perpetual grievance. Pshaw! My country right or wrong, I say. Why, my mercury rises just thinking about deniers! If you cannot be on the front, then find another way to support our troops. I fall into that category, and my contribution to the war effort is this song, to be sung to the tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home:

Announcing The Daily Caller’s Diversity Initiative

12:29 AM 10/02/2014

This week, Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith published an email that he sent to his staff informing them of a new diversity-based hiring program that will result in all kinds of new Buzzfeed employees from different kinds of backgrounds. We applaud the editor of the predominately male, nearly 75 percent white publication for his bold statement. In that spirit, we have resolved to do more.

WWI veterans probably won’t protest at WWI memorial

3:35 PM 10/02/2013

Despite veterans' protests at the World War II memorial, officials have remained recklessly oblivious to the potential for a public uprising at the nearby World War I memorial, which currently has no barricades and no security.