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Romney Angers Libs With Obama Joke

Last night, Mitt Romney spoke at a campaign rally for Republican Joni Ernst, who's running for Senate in Iowa, or Idaho, or one of those. At one point Romney took off his top hat, popped out his monocle, and told the following joke:

College Democrats Don’t Know That Obama Is No Longer Popular

3:54 PM 10/09/2014

The thing about being trendy is that eventually, trends die out. Once people decide something is no longer cool, you will look uncool if you still express interest in it. Unless your affection is genuine (which it probably isn't because you're you), you can really embarrass yourself. It's not easy being a hipster.

Jesse Does Dallas

12:59 PM 10/07/2014

Let's say you're a Liberian dude who brings Ebola with you to America. You've put dozens of people, if not hundreds, at risk. Your own country is prosecuting you for lying about your contact with Ebola victims, in order to leave the country.