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Hey, Everybody, Obama Is Now On Twitter… Again

1:36 PM 05/18/2015

If you had forgotten that the official @BarackObama Twitter account is run by the somehow-tax-exempt Obama for America Organizing for America Organizing for Action, King Barry himself would like to remind you: That ain't really him. This is him.

Is George Stephanopoulos A Journalist?

10:29 AM 05/18/2015

Well, of course not. He's a shill for the Democrats, just as he's always been. A lot of us have known it ever since ABC hired him, and yet nothing was done. On the contrary, ABC kept promoting him, until he's now their public face. Obviously, he thought he could do anything he wanted. He thought he was bulletproof.

Jessica Valenti Is A Nosy Creep

4:25 PM 05/12/2015

If you don't know who Jessica Valenti is, well, she's a feminist. That's all she ever talks about and it's her entire identity. Even if you do know who she is, you might not know how gross and problematic she is.