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Omar Mateen Was A Registered Democrat, BUT…

8:55 AM 06/14/2016

If you're wondering why the Democrats have been screaming about the NRA ever since the Orlando massacre, it's because they don't want to talk about the fact that the shooter was one of their own.

Gawker’s Bankruptcy Will Have A Chilling Effect On Free Speech

3:41 PM 06/10/2016

The breaking news this afternoon is that Gawker has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If Nick Denton wasn't a free-speech martyr before, he damn well is now. It's very disturbing that a media outlet's 1st Amendment rights can be revoked by a washed-up TV wrestler and his vindictive billionaire patron. This is an outrage. Here are just a few of the many, many reasons why nothing good can come of Gawker going straight down the tubes.

Belgian Man Demands Assisted Suicide Because He Hates Being Gay

12:14 PM 06/10/2016

As my good friends on the left are always reminding me, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. In fact, it's preferable to being straight. Not only is gay marriage a good idea, but if I refuse to participate in a gay wedding, my livelihood should be threatened. Let the word go out, across the land: Love wins. Submit or be destroyed.

Kasich Legalizes Medical Marijuana In Ohio

12:45 PM 06/09/2016

If you ever wondered why John Kasich actually thought he'd get the GOP nomination long after it was obvious he wouldn't, or why he was always stuffing his face, the following might provide a clue.

Katie Couric And Her Pals Keep Grabbing Guns, Headlines

10:20 AM 06/09/2016

A quick recap: Two weeks ago we learned that Katie Couric's anti-gun documentary, Under the Gun, used deceptive editing to make it look like she had stumped gun-rights activists with a tough question. Unfortunately for her, the group was recording the interview as well. Here's what was shown in the film, followed by the full audio of the conversation.

James Clapper Applauds People Who Use The Wrong Bathroom

1:39 PM 06/08/2016

Until a few months ago, I had no idea I was a bigot for expecting men to use the men's room and only the men's room. Thanks to the efforts of Pearl Jam, Ringo Starr, and other important celebrities, I now realize that bathroom choice is the most important issue of our time.