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Kangaroos Are Dangerous

2:38 PM 11/09/2015

As my longtime readers know, there are very few animals I like: Mickey Mouse. Tony the Tiger. The Care Bears. Scooby Doo. Batman. And... um... Nope, that's about it. Those are the only animals we need to keep around.

My Five Favorite Moments From Donald Trump’s Episode Of SNL

10:43 AM 11/09/2015

Okay, look, I'm not going to pretend I'm a fan of Donald Trump. I think he's a ridiculous crybaby, I dislike him as a person, and he'd do a terrible job as President of the United States. (Almost as terrible as Hillary Clinton, but even he's not that bad.) After this weekend, though, I have to admit... he won me over a little! He showed us his softer side, he proved he can laugh at himself, and he was a real team player with the rest of the cast. I really don't want to vote for him unless I'm given no choice, but that was pretty good. So here, in no particular order, are five moments from this weekend's SNL that I really enjoyed:

Let’s Focus On The REAL Victims Of The UC Merced Stabbings: Muslims

9:48 AM 11/06/2015

Whenever an Islamic terrorist a person who just happens to be a Muslim commits an act of violence, naturally our first instinct is to worry about all the other Muslims who feel sorry for themselves. Sure, it's too bad about the victims of the actual physical violence and all that, but we need to keep our priorities in order.

Do You Want Sharia Law In America?

2:42 PM 11/04/2015

I don't, but then, I'm a teabagging wingnut redneck in Flyover Country. What about people in our smartest state, California? Do they think sharia law is bogus, or do they find it awesome?

Cops Warn Woman Not To Walk In Traffic, So She Accuses Them Of Racism

9:44 AM 11/03/2015

It was a perfect storm of progressive outrage: An African-American woman, the dean of a journalism school, was cruelly and needlessly accosted by a couple of racist Texas cops, just because she was walking down the street in her own neighborhood. They didn't like a black woman walking around where she wasn't supposed to be, huh? She didn't know her place, is that it? Clearly, we still live in Emmett Till's America.