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Can You Handle ‘Weiner’?

9:29 AM 04/26/2016

Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress in disgrace after he sent pictures of his penis to women who weren't his wife and then tried to blame his critics for it. A couple of years later, in a bid to rehabilitate his political career, Weiner decided to run for mayor of New York City. The plan was that, win or lose, he would prove his mettle as a serious-minded man of the people. He would make everyone forget his past transgressions. He would take the "wiener" out of "Weiner."

New Ted Cruz Ad Takes Us Inside Hillary’s ‘War Room’

6:33 PM 04/21/2016

Most political ads that attempt humor fall flat. And while there are a lot of things I like about Ted Cruz , a funny guy he is not. So it's surprising that his campaign ads are actually pretty amusing. Well, compared to most campaign ads, at least.

Transphobes Arrest PA Woman For Using The Bathroom Of Her Choice

9:36 AM 04/21/2016

I've learned two very important lessons from American rock legend Bruce Springsteen: 1) "Young" and "run" are apparently acceptable rhymes, and 2) A human being should be able to use any bathroom xe wants to use. You see, Bruce knows that gender is a social construct. As is race. And if you disagree, I don't need to listen to you because you're probably a white man.

Trump Takes (Second Place In) Manhattan

8:42 AM 04/20/2016

In an unexpected turn that will shock anyone who was literally born yesterday, Donald Trump just won the NY Republican primary. But in that yuuuuuge punch bowl of delicious victory, some mischievous scamp has plopped in a teensy-tiny turd.

Florida Man Changes Name To Bruce Jenner, Now That Caitlyn Isn’t Using It Anymore

12:41 PM 04/19/2016

The name Bruce Jenner has really taken a beating in recent years. At first it meant: "Eat your Wheaties and be like this guy." Then it meant: "Watch this pathetic milquetoast get humiliated by the Kardashians every week." And now it means: "Stop deadnaming this beautiful woman who has always been a woman and always will be a woman, you transphobic bigot!" It's a damn shame what's happened to the Bruce Jenner brand.