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Europe Is Tired Of The ‘Free Speech’ Fad

12:39 PM 05/18/2016

Here in America, we've got a clear choice this November when it comes to free speech. On one side of the aisle, we've got a merciless autocrat who wants to use the full force of government to keep us from criticizing people in power. On the other side of the aisle, we've got another one just like her.

#NotAllMuslims Arrest 8 Women In Iran For Being Instagrammed With Bare… Faces

9:05 AM 05/17/2016

Thanks to Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama, and all the other storytellers in the White House, we now know that the Iranians are our partners in peace. The question isn't whether we can trust them. The question is: Why should they trust us? After all, we're America. We're the Great Satan. We're everything that's wrong with the world. We're so decadent, we even allow our women to walk around in public without chaperones and with faces fully exposed. It's disgraceful.

Sorry, Libs, But It’s Perfectly Normal For Donald Trump To Pretend To Be A Publicist Named ‘John Miller’

12:51 PM 05/13/2016

Every day, the Hillary-loving media finds some new bit of trivia about Donald Trump to obsess over. "Oh no, he won't release his taxes! Oh no, he's playing footsie with neo-Nazis and white-power creeps! Oh no, he thinks Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK!" Ugh. Whatever. As if any of these things have any bearing on his ability to Make America Great Again. Now they're all pretending it's a big deal that Trump used to call reporters and pretend to be a Trump spokesman named "John Miller." First of all, it's not true, which we know because Trump denies it. Second of all, who cares that it's obviously true, at least to anyone with the gift of hearing? Here's why Trump didn't do it, and why it doesn't matter that he very clearly did it:

Goodbye Clock Kid, Hello Yearbook Girl

1:25 PM 05/09/2016

In any situation involving any person who believes that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet, the victims are always Muslims. Always. Once you understand this single immutable rule, everything else makes sense. Or, at the very least, it helps to explain why otherwise rational people can believe so much nonsense.