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Hillary Clinton Dances Her Troubles Away

Before you watch this, I want to make it clear that I have no problem with Hillary Clinton enjoying herself now and then. If anyone needs to blow off some steam these days, it's her. Running a presidential campaign would be stressful enough even if she wasn't under criminal investigation by the FBI!*

Biden Vs. Trump?

11:40 AM 08/24/2015

I'm trying to prepare myself, mentally, emotionally, and chemically, for such a matchup. On one hand, our republic has survived worse (probably). On the other hand, even Rome fell.

If Bruce Jenner Goes To Jail, Will He Get To Pick Boys’ Or Girls’?

5:02 PM 08/20/2015

As we all know, gender is a social construct. It has nothing to do with millions of years of evolution. It has nothing to do with millennia of social mores. It's a personal decision. If you were born with boy parts but you decide you're actually a girl, presto, you're a girl. If you're a boy who just happens to have girl parts, same deal. Nobody can tell you who you really are.

Hillary Clinton Is A Passive Recipient, Just Like Bill Was

1:49 PM 08/20/2015

If your last name is Clinton, nothing is ever your fault. Whenever you find yourself in trouble, well gosh, you were just an innocent bystander. If anyone around you did anything wrong, this is certainly the first you're hearing about it. Mistakes were made, passive voice, etc.

CNN: Family Member Of Shaun King Says Both Of His Parents Are White

10:33 AM 08/20/2015

Black Lives Matter activists get really angry when someone opines that all lives matter. You're not supposed to say that. It's racist, and saying it makes you a racist. How dare you say that any life that isn't black is important? The message, whether it's intentional or not, is that the Black Lives Matter movement doesn't care about anybody else's lives.

Planned Parenthood Vs. The Truth, Part 7

12:52 PM 08/19/2015

Each new video from the Center for Medical Progress has been more revealing and more disturbing than the last. Planned Parenthood and its defenders in the media have resorted to sticking their heads in the sand, but they can't stop you from seeing the truth for yourselves.

Is Shaun King The New Rachel Dolezal?

10:30 AM 08/19/2015

If you don't know who Shaun King is, congratulations on successfully avoiding the #BlackLivesMatter movement. King is a Daily Kos blogger and one of the self-styled leaders of BLM, along with DeRay Mckesson and a few others. This important job mainly consists of tweeting a lot about how white people are to blame for everything bad that ever happens to a black person.

93-Year-Old Tuskegee Airman Robbed Twice In St. Louis

3:26 PM 08/18/2015

It's weird that the following item isn't bigger news. Usually, anything involving the Tuskegee Airmen is given the proper attention. And anything involving black victims of crime in the St. Louis area is given even more attention.

Biden Snags Crucial Jack Markell Endorsement

2:49 PM 08/18/2015

The number one question on America's lips: "When is Joe Biden bringing his dazzling smile and easygoing charm to Election 2016?" And following close behind that question, of course: "Which way will Jack Markell land?"