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Secret Service Demotes Agent Who Declared She Wouldn’t Do Her Job

11:16 AM 03/20/2017

The Secret Service has really been taking a beating over the past few years. From partying with hookers in Colombia, to letting dudes jump the White House fence and wander around the grounds, to leaving their laptops sitting around for anyone to pick up, the men and women who protect the President of the United States are having some PR problems. So it's a bit of a relief to learn that for once, they're doing the right thing. Well, sort of.

In America, A Bar Has The Right To Kick You Out For Wearing A Trump Hat

9:00 AM 03/20/2017

If I ran a bar, I wouldn't let my personal dislike of Donald Trump and those dopey Make America Great Again hats prevent me from taking somebody's money. My business decision would be to serve Trumpkins and Hillbots and Bernie Bros and anybody else. I wouldn't care. Moolah is moolah. But that's just me.

Chris Evans Won’t Let Hollywood Silence His Deeply Held Liberal Beliefs

3:40 PM 03/16/2017

Out of all the disturbing changes we've seen in America during the first two months of the Trump presidency, the most troubling is the sudden silencing of dissent. All across this once-great land, people are terrified to speak out against the tyrant who rules them, for fear that he'll throw them into internment camps like FDR did. In 2017, we're basically North Korea with Netflix.

Here Are Five Good Reasons Not To Boycott Hawaii

12:30 PM 03/16/2017

Yesterday a federal judge in Hawaii (which sounds like a sweet gig if you can get it) put a hold on President Trump's immigration order because it's not fair to Muslims and stuff. Now the Trumpkin faithful are calling for a boycott of the state. But that would be a mistake, for at least five reasons that come to mind immediately.

Nobody likes Obamalunch Either

4:22 PM 03/14/2017

One of the great things about the Obama era was being told how to live your life. You were told which physician you could have ("If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor," LOL), which words you could say, which beliefs you could express in public, etc. And most importantly, you were told which foods your kids could eat for lunch. But now, sadly, that golden age may be coming to an end.

CNN Has Figured Out How Statues Work

12:50 PM 03/14/2017

Last week, a Wall Street group called State Street Global Advisors put up a statue called "Fearless Girl" across from the famous "Charging Bull" statue. The idea is that the little girl statue isn't afraid of the bull statue. Which is amazing because... well, it just is. It's super-feminist, you guys. That little statue is so brave!