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The birther movement is President Obama’s fault

I’ve long maintained that the existence of the “birther movement” is President Obama’s fault. He could dispel the rumors about his birth by simply showing everyone his 1961 birth certificate. By doing so, he would also save a lot in legal fees. Yet, no one has ever asked Obama why he’d rather lose money than show his birth certificate. It’s time to ask that question.

Stephen Hawking jumps the shark

7:23 PM 09/28/2010

It’s common in sports to see an athlete play past his prime, searching for something he never achieved or fearing life without the spotlight.  Think Muhammad Ali losing to Leon Spinks or Willie Mays batting .211 for the New York Mets.

Chuck Schumer an Arizona Republican?

12:00 AM 04/28/2010

With all the hand-wringing in the news the past couple of days over Arizona making it illegal to be in America illegally (wait…what? Redundant redundancy!), and requiring folks once arrested to prove legality with an ID, I’ll bet you’ll think these quotes came from an Arizona legislator about that law:

MSM hot to pin the tail on the jackass

12:00 AM 03/31/2010

At this writing, we know nothing of the political leanings of [intlink id="714880" type="post"]Hutaree, the paramilitary group arrested by federal authorities for conspiracy to commit sedition[/intlink].

Stop calling people retarded, you idiot moron

12:00 AM 02/12/2010

Insults in political discourse have been part of American culture at least since Mark Twain wrote: “Reader, suppose you were an idiot; and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.”