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Let’s All Watch The Amazing Republican Debate In Idaho

Every so often, gubernatorial debates become one of the great sideshows of American politics. And that’s just what happened at Wednesday night’s wildly entertaining Republican primary debate in Idaho, which featured Gov. Butch Otter, his conservative opponent Russ Fulcher, and colorful also-rans Walt Bayes and Haley Brown.

Paul Krugman’s Love Affair With The Scandal-Plagued VA

9:58 PM 05/14/2014

In light of recent scandals involving the Department of Veterans Affairs, it may be worth remembering that the left’s foremost economist has long trumpeted the VA as a model of what government-administered healthcare should look like.

Watch Al Sharpton Struggle With The English Language

2:12 PM 05/07/2014

Courtesy of our friends at the Free Beacon, this supercut of Al Sharpton's struggles with his teleprompter is the best thing you'll see all day.

Charlie Crist: I Left The GOP Because Republicans Are Racist

11:51 AM 05/07/2014

Florida Democratic gubernatorial hopeful and all-around weirdo Charlie Crist says he left the GOP because Republicans are racist.

Only Seven Percent Of Reporters Are Republicans, And You Are Not Surprised

2:36 PM 05/06/2014

Seven percent of reporters are Republicans, according to a study that does not surprise you.

Seattle May Raise Its Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour, And Not All Liberals Are Happy About That

11:41 PM 05/05/2014

Seattle may soon approve a $15-an-hour minimum wage, which at least one liberal writer says could cause myriad problems for that frequently overcast Washington city.

Is TV Getting More Conservative?

11:16 PM 05/05/2014

Over at the Free Beacon, Sonny Bunch has a nifty little piece arguing that FX’s little watched yet highly praised “The Americans” is the most reactionary show on television. And while he makes a good case, I’d contend there’s an odd, unnoticed glut of conservative-friendly TV these days, particularly on premium cable.

WAVE YEAR? Daily Caller Poll Shows Deep-Blue Oregon Flashing Red

12:15 AM 05/02/2014

Oregon Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley is running neck-and-neck with Republican challenger Monica Wehby, according to a new Daily Caller/Vox Populi Polling survey of registered voters in the state.

George W. Bush Opens Up About Jeb, Putin And Donald Sterling

4:21 PM 05/01/2014

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, former President George W. Bush said he hopes his brother Jeb runs for president, and that Russian leader Vladimir Putin “changed” when the price of oil went up.

Ask Cory Booker

12:06 AM 03/05/2014

About the author: Cory Booker is a former mayor of Newark who represents New Jersey in the U.S. Senate. He is also an advice columnist published in over 30 newspapers nationwide. If you have a question for Cory Booker, please email him at

WATCH: Live footage of violent protests in Kiev

1:44 PM 02/18/2014

Live footage broadcast by the independent Ukrainian television station Espreso TV shows the clashes between police and pro-Western protesters Tuesday in Kiev. The sometimes-harrowing footage features scenes of real violence in Kiev's Independence Square as fireworks, Molotov cocktails and homemade bombs explode.

‘House of Cards’ is the most tea party show ever

10:21 PM 02/17/2014

Warning: This article contains numerous spoilers. 

Cuomo aide caught breaking gun law, quickly receives waiver

11:21 AM 02/13/2014

Jerome Hauer, a top aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, appears to have regularly carried a firearm to work in violation of state law.

Obama: ‘As a president, I can do whatever I want’

6:57 PM 02/10/2014

During a Monday visit to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's Virginia home, President Barack Obama declared that, as president, he "can do whatever" he wants.

Obama praises Stalinist and folk singer Pete Seeger

11:20 AM 01/28/2014

Pete Seeger, the folk singer and unrepentant communist who died Tuesday at age 94, is being celebrated by President Barack Obama as a civil rights hero who tried to "move this country closer to the America he knew we could be."

Cuomo, de Blasio at odds over taxes in New York

10:59 AM 12/10/2013

Incoming New York City mayor Bill de Blasio may soon be at war with Gov. Andrew Cuomo over a tax hike the former made the centerpiece of his election campaign.

De Blasio ally: ‘Knockout game’ violence stems from ‘genuine concern’ about Jewish influence

6:30 PM 12/04/2013

A local New York City politician and ally of mayor-elect Bill de Blasio says the recent spate of “knockout” attacks in Brooklyn may stem from “a genuine concern” about Jewish influence.

New York City elects socialist mayor, because why not?

10:27 PM 11/05/2013

Bill de Blasio will be the next mayor of the nation’s largest and most important city.

TheDC Morning: These girls are on fire!

9:57 AM 09/19/2013

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