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Is DC launching a full-on assault on conservatives?

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Activists pushing back

Conservatives praise ousted GOP staffer Paul Teller

The U.S. Capitol building is seen on Tuesday morning after the federal government was shutdown when the House and Senate failed to pass a budget in Washington

Teller is longtime executive director of conservative committee

Government shutdown in 1995 detrimental to GOP 'a myth,' says Red State's Erickson - TheDC

CNN contributor argues Dole lost to Clinton in 1996 campaign for reasons unrelated to government shutdown, clearing the way for it to happen again with new Congress

Walking a fine line - TheDC

House GOP treads cautiously with Tea Party in effort to keep Bachmann and her ‘antics’ out of leadership

New Left Media uses Trojan trick to get interviews - TheDC

Liberal journalists at Glenn Beck’s rally used a “right” sounding organization name to disguise motives

'The sleeping giant': Conservatives gaining force online - TheDC

Progressive websites once monopolized online activism, but now conservative blogs hold the top slots in blog rankings

Memo elevates ‘Offer-gate’ to full-blown scandal

Despite the White House effort to close the book on the Sestak affair, the Obama administration has given the next Woodward and Bernstein plenty of answers to chase

Conservatives take sides in S.C. dog pile - The Daily Caller

Conservatives pounce on South Carolina blogger who claims tawdry affair with Nikki Haley

On immigration, Arizona’s law is right and proper

In the case of Arizona’s new law, all of the emotional arguments appear to be coming from those who oppose the state’s actions. Conservative supporters of the law need not be reminded to make their arguments on principle. They already are

RedState founder joins CNN

Erick Erickson will contribute to John King's show

The patronage president

If once is an anomaly, and twice is a coincidence, then three times establishes a pattern. The Sestak and Romanoff affairs make it clear that the nomination of Rep. Matheson’s brother to the bench is just the latest instance of a cynical White House strategy to use its control of the federal bureaucracy to influence its friends and buy off its opponents.