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Pregnant Florida Woman Fights Off Home Invaders With AR-15


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A pregnant Florida mom used her AR-15 to fight off two home invaders last week, killing one of them.

The intruders entered the home, subduing the woman’s husband, and attacking her daughter, before the woman pulled out her AR-15 and fought the invaders off. Authorities are still searching for one of the invaders, according to Bay News 9.  (RELATED: Israeli Veteran: ‘America Has The Best Gun Laws In The World, Appreciate It!’)

The report stated:

Deputies said the man and woman said the suspects attacked the man, pistol whipping him and beating him. That’s when the woman retrieved a gun and fired a shot, hitting one of the suspects, deputies said. The suspects ran out the home, with the wounded man falling into a ditch nearby. That’s where deputy found him.

An official with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office warned residents to be wary of the fugitive, and to call 911 if they were aware of “suspicious” activity. (RELATED: Can We Stop Hurricanes? Florida Man Says Yes)

“I would encourage if any of the neighbors see any suspicious vehicles or anybody walking around the neighborhood that they do not recognize to please call 911,” Major Frank Losat told Bay News 9.  “Do not approach this person as they might be armed if any vehicles are sitting in your driveway that does not look familiar please call us.”

The mom’s heroic actions come at a time when most 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have proposed banning the AR-15, arguing that civilians should not have access to such weapons. Multiple 2020 candidates have even suggested confiscating certain types of firearms through a mandatory buyback program.