Robert De Niro Slams ‘Lunatic’ Trump’s Coronavirus Response

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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Actor Robert De Niro claimed President Donald Trump does not care about how many people will die from coronavirus.

De Niro slammed Trump’s coronavirus response and praised Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during an interview published Wednesday by the BBC.

“Cuomo’s done a great job,” De Niro said. “He’s done what Trump should have done, but he doesn’t have a clue how to do that. So, it’s scary because everyone is sort of nonplussed and stunned at what this guy is doing.”

“What bothers me is that nobody can do, nobody can say anything,” he added. “Even, like, right there on television, right there disagree even more forcefully.”

De Niro then said Trump’s response to coronavirus was “appalling.”

“It’s appalling. He wants to be reelected, he doesn’t even care how many people die,” De Niro said. (RELATED: Robert De Niro Wants To Play Cuomo If There’s A Coronavirus Movie: ‘He’s Doing What A President Should Do’)

When Newsnight host Emily Maitlis implied Trump supporters wouldn’t agree with him, De Niro said he “doesn’t care” about those people either.

“He doesn’t care for those people,” De Niro responded. “And the people who he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for. Because he couldn’t care less about them. They might like to tell themselves that and delude themselves, but he doesn’t care about them.”