City Of Dallas Drops Young Americans For Liberty Convention

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Cliff Maloney, the president of Young Americans for Liberty, spoke with the Daily Caller about the city of Dallas canceling YAL’s convention at the last minute, political double standards and more.

The Mobilize 2020 event, which had been planned for a better part of a year, was intended to train college students as well as “do a deep dive on the ideas,” Maloney explained.

“We had speakers lined up like Kristi Noem from South Dakota, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Thomas Massie, I mean people that really, really believe in the principles of liberty.”

Approximately 1,400 students were expected to attend the event in Dallas, Texas despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“We worked hand-in-hand with the city of Dallas. Every roadblock they put in our way — you know, we complied,” he said. “As of literally within the last week to week and a half, the fire marshal and people within the city confirmed everything. We worked with them.”

Maloney believed the city of Dallas expected YAL to cancel after every roadblock was presented.

“We didn’t — we continued to adapt cause that’s who we are at YAL. We’re agile. We like to find solutions and so, we continued to adapt.”

Maloney further discussed the plans in place for proper social distances and safety measures, the political double standard of how he was treated in comparison to protesters and more. (RELATED: Arson, Assault, Trespassing: Here Are The Four Portland Teenagers Facing Federal Charges Related To Violent Protests)


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