Michael Moore Says White House Shooting Scare Is Like Glimpse Into The Future Without Trump Because President Was Escorted Out

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michael Moore compared President Donald Trump leaving a press conference due to an emergency outside of the White House to what the future may look like when the current commander in chief leaves office.

“On Monday, as he stood at the Presidential podium, the Secret Service agent suddenly entered the room and said to him [President Donald Trump] directly, ‘Sir — would you come with me?” the 66-year-old filmmaker captioned his post Tuesday on Instagram. Within the post were several screenshots of the briefing when the Secret Service came in rushed the president out of the room due to gunfire near the White House. (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘F**k Hope, Seriously, F**k Hope,’ Trump Will Be ‘The Last President’)


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“And Trump obeyed, without question,” he added. “He [Trump] turned and left the stage, following the agent out the door. No handcuffs were needed, no force necessary. And like that, with barely a whimper, he was gone.” (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘Trump–You Know Exactly What You’re Doing’ With Anti-Media Rhetoric)

Moore continued, “and thus we have now seen what the future will look like: 12:01pm, 1/20/21.”

The filmmaker has spoken out numerous times over the last four years against the president. He has also warned the Democrats that Trump could win in 2020 if they run a politician against him.

As previously reported, during the last few months of the 2016 election, Moore was one of the few voices on the left that predicted Trump would beat then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.