Daily Caller Reporter Richie McGinniss Tells Tucker Carlson About Kenosha Shooting That Left One Dead

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Daily Caller reporter Richie McGinniss made a Wednesday night appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss his experience during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, including his experience trying to save the life of a man who was shot.

McGinniss was standing next to a man who was shot in the head Tuesday night. Videos showed McGinniss rushing to try and save the man’s life, taking his shirt off to use it as a bandage and carrying the man to a car to be transported to the hospital.

The man later died.

“I initially encountered the alleged shooter at a business that had been burned the night previously,” McGinniss told Tucker Carlson. “We actually saw some of those people who worked at the business and some of the owners of the business trying to put the fires out themselves.”


McGinniss encountered the alleged shooter before the shooting took place and interviewed him. The alleged shooter said that “he was there to maintain peace in the absence of police,” McGinniss said.

“And later that evening, I saw the same individual in the street drawing a lot of attention due to the fact he had what I thought was an AR-15 strung over his shoulder,” McGinniss added. “So a lot of people were shouting at him. At which point I basically saw him start to run and heard the shots, obviously you saw the rest on video.”

Another video showed people chasing the alleged shooter down the street and hitting him with a skateboard, Carlson noted. McGinniss said that he believed the video took place after the initial shooting when the crowd was “basically looking for whoever had a weapon on them.” (RELATED: ‘My Family And I Are Very Hurt’: Julia Jackson, Mother Of Jacob Blake, Says Rioting, Looting Are ‘Not Acceptable’)

“But what I can say is prior to the first shooting that I witnessed I did see a number of individuals pursuing the 17-year-old alleged shooter, and actually the individual who was shot I did see him advance on him very closely,” McGinniss added. “And you can see that in the video, although it’s a bit far away. I was actually, maybe, six or seven feet behind them. So I saw it up close.”

Riots broke out in Wisconsin after police shot Jacob Blake as he was opening the door to his car. A video showed Blake walking around the front of the car as officers followed with their guns drawn. Once Blake opened the driver’s side door, officers fired 7 shots. Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down, according to his father.