Billionaire Bill Gross Allegedly Blared ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Theme Song On Loop To Annoy Neighbor During Dispute Over Sculpture

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A billionaire has been accused of playing the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song on loop by his neighbor amid a dispute over a $1 million sculpture.

Entrepreneur Mark Towfiq and his wife have accused Pimco founder Bill Gross and his girlfriend Amy Schwartz of harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to an article published Monday by the Los Angeles Times.

The arguments between the neighbors began after Gross erected a netting around a 22-foot-long sculpture with pieces as high as 10 feet. The sculpture was originally put up in 2019, but only became an issue between the neighbors after the netting went up to allegedly protect the sculpture from damage. (RELATED: REPORT: Tyler Perry Is Now A Billionaire)

“Defendant William Gross is a 76-year-old billionaire used to getting his way no matter what. As proven by their behavior here, Gross and his decades-younger-girlfriend, defendant Amy Schwartz, are bullies,” the lawsuit filed in Superior Court said.

Gross filed his own lawsuit before Towfiq.

“Defendant Towfiq appears to have a particular fascination not only with Mr. Gross but also Ms. Schwartz, particularly when the pair are swimming and thus wearing minimal, if any, clothing,” the lawsuit filed by Schwartz said, the outlet reported.

The lawsuit accused Towfiq and his wife of invasion of privacy.

Gross has been accused of having a sense of humor in the past. Gross allegedly harassed his ex-wife after their divorce, according to Business Insider. The ex-wife accused him of hiring an “army of spies” and leaving the house in a “state of utter chaos and disrepair.”

Gross reportedly used “puke smell” and “fart prank” sprays, the outlet claimed.