‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Prays For 4 More Years Of Donald Trump

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Reality star Phil Robertson said a prayer for President Donald Trump’s reelection.

Robertson asked for four more years with President Trump in a prayer posted Wednesday on his personal Instagram account.


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Here’s my prayer today for our country and our president.

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“Here in America many of our people, Father, have fallen to the ways of the evil one,” Robertson said in the video. “I pray that you give us time to repent as a nation to turn back to you, Father.”

“My prayer is that you be with one Mr. Donald J. Trump,” he added. “You know him, Father. We started with him early. We told him what you told us to tell him — that Jesus died for him, was raised from the dead.”

He went on to ask for protection from the “evil one.” (RELATED: Phil Robertson: Election Is Choice Between ‘Peace Of Mind’ or ‘Hell On Earth’)

“I would pray, Father, give us four more years with him,” Robertson said.

“Help us, Father,” he said. “Protect us from the evil one each and every day we live.”

Robertson has been vocal about his support for President Trump.

“If you look at it logically, viewing it through a spiritual lens, you’ve got the devil on one hand, you have got Jesus on the other, and those two forces are coming together,” Robertson said recently during an interview with Fox News.

“If you punch the wrong button and go with the wrong person, there’s either hell on Earth or peace of mind,” he continued. “Jesus, peace of mind, Karl Marx and his adherents, Hell on Earth. That’s where we are.”