Meghan McCain Slams Republicans Thinking All Is ‘Well In DC,’ Compares City To Moscow


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain slammed Republicans who are thinking all is “well” in Washington, D.C. as she compared the city to Moscow.

“To all the republicans who think it’s going well over here in DC – there are more American troops present in this city than Iraq and Afghanistan,” the cohost of “The View” tweeted to her hundreds of thousands of followers Wednesday. (RELATED: Ivanka Trump Calls Out Rioters, Says ‘The Violence Must Stop Immediately’)

“What is this Moscow?!” she added. “Stop defending this – I’m not going to be gaslit. This is insane.”

McCain returned from maternity leave recently and has admitted her “reentry” on the show has been rough following a difficult birth and after the riots at the Capitol. (RELATED: ‘He Provided A Public Service’: Joy Behar Thanks Jeffrey Toobin For Distracting From Trump)

During her appearance on the show Monday, the cohost talked about the insurrection at the Capitol and said President Donald Trump must be impeached.


“They have to send a direct message, Republicans and Democrats, that this cannot stand and there have to be ramifications,” McCain shared.

“If we let this stand and we don’t have 100% for impeachment [or] the 25th Amendment… the existential threat of violence is still here,” she added.

As previously reported, last week a “Save America” rally was held in Washington, D.C. where Trump spoke to supporters and said he would walk with them to the Capitol to “cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women” challenging his loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

The rally eventually turned into a riot, with video surfacing of supporters fighting Capitol Hill police to get into the building. The violence led to the deaths of five people.