Oregon GOP Refers To Capitol Riot As ‘False Flag’ In Rebuke Of Republicans Who Voted To Impeach

Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

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In a resolution condemning the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump, the Oregon GOP said that the Capitol riot was a “false flag” designed to discredit Republicans.

The Capitol riot provided the “sham motivation” for lawmakers to move forward with impeachment in order to advance Democrats’ goal to seize “total power,” the Oregon GOP wrote. They said that the situation is “a frightening parallel to the February 1933 burning of the German Reichstag.”

The “false flag effort,” they claim, will support President Joe Biden’s plans to re-introduce themes from the Patriot Act. These themes could include “codifying putting conservatives on a secret no-fly list without recourse to due process and restricting free speech.”

Members of the House of Representatives voted Jan. 8 to impeach Trump, who they say incited the riot at the Capitol building that had taken place two days before. Ten Republicans voted in favor of impeachment.

The Oregon Republican Party said that they “condemn the betrayal” of the Republicans who voted to impeach and encouraged voters in their districts to elect “dedicated and courageous conservatives” in their place. (RELATED: POLL: 9 In 10 Democrats Want Trump Convicted — And Less Than 2 In 10 Republicans Do)

After the resolution was passed by the State Party Executive Committee, the Oregon Republican Party released a statement from its Chairman, Bill Currier.

“Our party is speaking out in condemnation of the profound betrayal by the ten House Republicans who supported impeaching President Trump last week without any investigation, hearing, shred of due process, and in contradiction to the known and emerging facts,” Currier said. “This type of sham process has become the norm for Democrats, but no Republican should support or give in to such an abuse of our Constitutional system.”

Currier said that the group “immediately condemned the political violence in the strongest possible terms” and called for an investigation into the perpetrators and the “nonexistent” Capitol Hill security. Trump “in no way incited the violence,” he added.

“Of equally grave concern is how Democrats and their enablers are trying to falsely assign blame to the peaceful protesters present that day, the members of Congress who followed the law and the Constitution, and to tens of millions of Trump supporters,” Currier continued. “This or any attempt to cancel or target anyone with deep concerns about the conduct of the 2020 election, or quite simply anyone who disagrees with Joe Biden and his supporters, should receive zero GOP support.”