EXCLUSIVE: Senior Trump Official On How Biden Caused The Border Crisis

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Brian Harrison, former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff at the Department of Health and Human Services, sat down for an exclusive interview with Daily Caller’s senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc on the crisis at the southern border.

Harrison — who is also running for the vacant U.S. House seat in Texas’ 6th district — oversaw all of the HHS facilities used to house migrant children during the 2018-2019 migrant surge. He pointed to one of President Joe Biden’s immigration reforms in particular for triggering this latest influx: Biden’s decision to suspend Trump’s Title 42 order that secured the border for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. (Biden Team Ignored Warnings From Career Immigration Officials That Their Actions Could Cause A Border Crisis)

He and Datoc also spoke at length about his own campaign, whether or not he will receive an endorsement from Trump, the media’s treatment of the current and previous president and what the Biden administration can do — if anything — to speed up our country’s return to normal following a truly terrible year.


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