Is Bill Maher Becoming America’s Voice Of Reason?


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Is Bill Maher becoming America’s voice of reason? It’s been hard to ignore the words of wisdom he’s been dropping lately about the direction the country seems to be headed.

Whether the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” is calling out millennials who want to dabble in communism and end policing, or warning about how America is becoming “segregated again” and the ones to blame are “leftists,” Maher’s commentary seems to be on fire. (RELATED: HBO Renews ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Through 2022)

Despite his left-wing slant, during Donald Trump’s early days as president, Maher repeatedly called out Hillary Clinton and said she had her chance, she “fucked up” and needed to stay “in the woods” when reports surfaced she was thinking of running again. (RELATED: Bill Maher Called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas To Her Face — You Can Imagine What Happened Next)

“You had your shot,” the HBO host shared. “You fucked it up. You’re Bill Buckner. We had the World Series, and you let the grounder go through your legs.” (RELATED: Bill Maher: Social Justice Warriors A ‘Cancer On Progressivism’)

“Let someone else have the chance,” he added. “The fact that she’s coming back, it just verifies every bad thing anyone’s ever thought about the Clintons, that it’s all about them. Let some of the other, shorter trees get a little sunlight.” (RELATED: Flashback: Bill Maher Makes Joke About Bill Clinton Going To Epstein’s ‘Sex Island’ Back In 2015)

Around the same time, he stuck up for conservatives like Ann Coulter’s rights to speak after the University of California, Berkley, canceled her planned speaking event due to “security threats.” He warned that shutting down free speech was the liberals’ version of “book burning.”

“Berkeley used to be the cradle of free speech,” Maher shared. “Now it’s just the cradle for fucking babies.”

“I feel like this goes on all over the country on campuses — they invite somebody to speak that’s not exactly what liberals want to hear and they want to shut her down,” he added. “I feel like this is the liberals’ version of book burning. And it’s got to stop.”

He remained consistent over the next few years with defending free speech and attacking big tech censorship, but most of his focus remained on slamming Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

However, in the late part of 2020, the HBO talk show host criticized COVID-19 lockdowns as “reckless” and predicted that no matter who won the 2020 election “there”s gonna be blood in the streets.”


He also warned that Democrats have made themselves “toxic” to half the country with their extreme focus on things like defunding the police.


“Democrats kept saying in the campaign, ‘You can’t possibly think Trump is preferable to what we’re selling,'” Maher explained. “And many voters keep saying, ‘Yes, we can. In fact, our primary reason voting for him is to create a bulwark against you. Because your side thinks silence is violence and looting is not.'”

Ever since the election, and specifically since President Joe Biden was sworn into office, Maher seemed to be dropping a whole lot of gems as he slammed cancel culture and wokeness.


“You’re not going to win the battle for the 21st century if you are a silly people,” Maher shared. “And Americans are a silly people. Do you know who doesn’t care that there’s a stereotype of a Chinese man in a Dr. Seuss book? China. All 1.4 billion of them could give a crouching tiger flying fuck.”

“Because they’re not a silly people,” he added. “If anything, they are as serious as a prison fight. We all know China does bad stuff, they break promises about Hong Kong autonomy, they put Uyghurs in camps and punish dissent, and we don’t want to be that.”

“There’s got to be something between an authoritarian government that tells everyone what to do and a representative government that can’t do anything at all,” Maher continued.

Maher has also warned the country is becoming segregated again and said “leftists” are the reason.


“We seem to be entering an era of re-segregation that’s coming from the left,” the host said, responding to Democratic data scientist David Shor on the “geographic sorting” of liberals going back to urban areas.

“I mean, on many college campuses, there are separate dorms, separate black dorms, graduation ceremonies, stuff like that,” he added. “How will that affect elections in the future?”

Most recently, Maher called out the liberal media’s “crap” for its COVID-19 “panic porn” and asked how its audience ever believed them.


“Over the past year, the COVID pandemic has prompted the medical establishment, the media and the government to take a ‘scared straight’ approach to getting the public to comply with their recommendations,” Maher shared. “Well, I’m from a different school: Give it to me straight, Doc. Because in the long run that always works better than ‘You can’t handle the truth.'”

“And media?” he added. “Well, I think we all know if it bleeds, it leads. The more they can get you to stay inside and watch their panic porn, the higher their ratings.”

“Look, here’s what I’m saying: I don’t want politics mixed in with my medical decisions!” Maher continued. “If you lie to people, even for a very good cause, you lose their trust.”

And just this weekend, the talk show host proved again to be the voice of reason when he slammed millennials who were calling for abolishing policing altogether and think it would be a good idea to try communism.


“But millennials think that doesn’t count because they weren’t alive when it happened,” the HBO host shared. “But it did happen, and there are people around who remember it.”

“So when you say, ‘You’re old, you don’t get it,’ get what?” he added. “Abolish the police? and the Border Patrol? And capitalism? And cancel Lincoln? No, I get it. The problem isn’t that I don’t get what you’re saying or that I’m old, the problem is your ideas are stupid.”

I mean that’s some pure gold right there. Can’t wait to see what he comes out with next.