‘I Put The Damn Mask On’: Joy Behar Accuses McCarthy Of Bucking Masks To Tank Biden’s Numbers


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” host Joy Behar accused House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of fighting mask mandates in order to submarine President Joe Biden.

Behar argued Thursday that McCarthy might be opposed to mask mandates in the hopes that COVID-19 infection rates would go up and cause Biden’s approval rates to go down. (RELATED: ‘Would You Want Harvey Weinstein To Investigate Jeffrey Epstein?’: Joy Behar Accuses Jim Jordan Of Possible Involvement In Capitol Riot)


Co-host Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the show by bringing up the continued spread of the delta variant, noting that the CDC had changed mask recommendations to include vaccinated people in certain situations.

“The CDC is telling folks to put their masks back on in certain places even if you got a shot,” she said, turning to Behar.

“Well, I don’t feel that I’m paying a price for being vaccinated. That doesn’t bother me,” Behar replied, arguing that the people who would truly pay the price were those who could not get the vaccine at all, either for medical reasons or because they were children under the age of 12.

“In Arkansas, where their children’s hospitals are reporting record numbers of children being hospitalized with COVID. They have 24 pediatric patients hospitalized yesterday, ok? This is who is paying the price, not me,” Behar continued. “I put on a mask when I go into the supermarket, or wherever I go if I have to be indoors, I put the damn mask on. It’s not such a hardship, but for goodness sake, protect these other children and these other people who can’t get the damn vaccine.”

Behar then pivoted to McCarthy, arguing that he was wrong to say the new mandates didn’t “follow science” and noting that guidance often reflected newly available data.

“And I would like to know. What are you getting out of this, Congressman? What are you getting out of this?” she asked. “Is this so people will get COVID and then Joe Biden’s numbers will go down, his ratings? Is this about that? What is this about? Why do you go out there as a leader in this country and tell people to harm themselves?”

Behar noted that Republican Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise had changed his mind and gotten the vaccine, claiming that some wouldn’t change their minds until they were on ventilators.

“McCarthy and that group, they’re a disgrace. They’re a disgrace,” she said.