Colin Kaepernick Works Out With Seahawks Receiver Tyler Lockett

Colin Kaepernick (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/ECSN206/status/1503486528776925188)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Colin Kaepernick’s workout tour is still underway!

The former 49ers quarterback is still trying to play in the NFL again, despite not being on a roster since the 2016 season. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Now, he’s working out with Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett. In videos making the rounds on social media, he was throwing passes to Lockett on a high school field.

I truly do not understand how we’re still having this conversation in 2022! Not only are we having this conversation, but people with serious jobs in sports media are actually pushing for Kaep to play in the NFL after not throwing a pass in a game for more than five years.

Mina Kimes, who is one of the most famous women at ESPN, tweeted the Seahawks should give him a look! What are we doing here, folks?

The reality of the situation is that there’s not a team in the league that is going to seriously consider giving Kaepernick a look.

It’s not going to happen. No coach or GM is going to risk their career on adding Kaepernick to the roster. To pretend otherwise is to be delusional. The fact he’s now showcasing working out with an NFL player shows just how desperate he is!

The man is out of the league, and he’s almost certainly not coming back!