Daily Caller Reporter Confronts Greg Abbott On His Efforts To Stop Illegal Border Crossings


Chris Bertman Contributor
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Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura confronted Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott about his administration’s policies on border security in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Monday.

“Do you view your agreements with the neighboring Mexican governors as a success? Because we’ve been spending time on the Mexican side and we’ve been documenting constant migrant groups continuing to come in,” Ventura asked the governor in regards to his agreement with Mexican governors of Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León.

“The Mexican law enforcement was on the river bank today because you arrived, but after you leave they will not be there anymore and then constant groups will continue to cross. Do you view that as a success so far?” Ventura continued.

“There’s only been one government official in the United States of America who has negotiated with and talked with Mexican officials about the border, and that’s me,” Abbott responded. “Our president, the national leaders in the United States, they’re not reaching out with Mexican leadership to try to reach any type of solution whatsoever. The only one who has written agreements with signatures on those agreements is me.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Mother, 3-Year-Old Son Nearly Swept Away As Illegals Continue Streaming Across Rio Grande)

Mexican governors have not kept up with their agreement to enforce border security, according to Ventura’s reporting on the ground. The governor said Texas law enforcement is working daily with Mexican officials and achieving results on strengthening the border, though he noted the administration is experiencing challenges.

“As long as we’re fighting against the government that’s causing the problem with illegal immigration, as long as I’m having to fight back against the Biden administration that has these open border policies, we’re gonna be swimming upstream every single day. And we’re going to be utilizing every single tool that we can including increased assistance, I would say unprecedented assistance from our partners in Mexico.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol Memo Lays The Groundwork For Mass Release Of Illegal Immigrants Into The US)

Abbott reportedly bussed migrants to Washington, D.C. in response to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) announced plans to lift Title 42 enacted by former President Trump in 2020 to quickly expel illegal migrants. On Friday federal Judge Robert Summerhays ruled in favor of an injunction on the Biden administration’s attempt to end Title 42

“The Court agrees with the Plaintiff States that a nation-wide injunction is necessary for complete relief given the ability of immigrants crossing the border to move freely from one state to another,” said Judge Summerhays in his decision.