‘I Was Not Circumcised’: Madonna Makes Bizarre Confession On Instagram

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Madonna made a bold and confusing statement Friday on her Instagram Stories when she told her 18.5 million followers she “was not circumcised.”

If you’re baffled by the declaration, you’re not alone. The music icon posted a series of selfies to her Instagram Stories with single-word captions written atop each one. Fans who clicked through the images and read the messages one word at a time would soon realize the bizarre message formed by the text on each slide: “I was not circumcised,” Madonna wrote. Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours unless saved by the user who posted them.


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Madonna is known to post wild images and messages to her Instagram page, and she’s not shy about posing provocatively, or making out with other women in front of the cameras. She is also apparently comfortable telling anyone and everyone she “was not circumcised.”

Madonna has never publicly stated her sexual orientation, but by all accounts it seems she is a woman. Few other women would state the obvious fact that they aren’t circumcised in such a forward manner. She continues to dance to the beat of her own drum. (RELATED: It Took An Army Of People To Keep 63-Year-Old Madonna Upright On Roller Skates At NYC Disco Party)

The interesting circumcision post comes days after Madonna seemingly came out as gay on TikTok. The 64-year-old released a video to the platform Oct. 9 with the caption, “If I miss, I’m Gay!” and then turned around to face her garbage bin, threw a pair of pink underwear at it — and missed the shot.

One thing remains consistent: Madonna’s never been shy, and she keeps the masses hooked with her social media posts. As for the circumcision — it’s one surgical procedure we know she hasn’t had.