Pro Golfer Nick Hardy Breaks Club Against Tree While Pulling Off One Of Greatest Shots Ever


Brent Foster Contributor
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Pro golfer Nick Hardy broke his club but hit a fantastic shot in the progress, Golfweek reported Thursday.

Hardy was on his back nine for the day at the the 3M Open when he walked up to a 500-yard par 4, according to Golfweek. The golfer’s tee shot turned into an apparent nightmare as his ball veered to the right and landed in the rough.

A direct shot to the green seemed impossible, according to Golfweek. Hardy, however, lined up and took another swing. Miraculously, his ball made it to the green, only 11 feet from the hole.

Success came with a price as Hardy’s club broke when it slammed into a tree amid his epic shot.

“When I hit it I knew it was going to be pretty good because I caught it perfect and I knew it felt like it was going to hook a little bit,” Hardy told reporters, according to Golfweek.

“I almost feel like I didn’t even have to look after that because I was just worried about carrying the water,” the golfer continued. (RELATED: ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protestors Storm The Open, With Billy Horschel Gloriously Catching One Of The Idiots For The Police)

“Once I hit it, I was like ‘OK, it’s going to be pretty good,’” Hardy concluded.