Aaron Rodgers Challenges Travis Kelce To Tag-Team Vaccine Debate With RFK And Fauci

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God, I would love to see this.

So if you don’t remember, on the Oct. 3 episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers took a jab at Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce by calling him “Mr. Pfizer” — fitting, considering Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is a complete sellout to the Big Pharma giant.

Later, Kelce responded by saying he never thought he’d be a part of the “vax wars” against Rodgers, calling out QB8 for being under Johnson & Johnson ownership, who also happens to own the Jets. (I’m no fan of Kelce, but about time somebody called him out for the J&J connection)

“I thought it was pretty good,” Kelce laughed. “With the ‘stache, I look like a guy named Mr. Pfizer. Who knew I’d get into vax wars with Aaron Rodgers, man? Mr. Pfizer versus the Johnson & Johnson family over there.”

Well, Rodgers has now shot back at Kelce for his response, doing so Tuesday on “McAfee.”

“Mr. Pfizer said he didn’t think he’d be in a vax war with me. This ain’t a war, homie. This is conversation,” Rodgers chuckled. “But if you want to have some sort of duel, debate, have me on the podcast. Come on the show! Let’s have a conversation. Let’s do it like in ‘John Wick 4,’ so we both have a second — someone to help us out.”

In this glorious hypothetical debate that we all damn well know won’t happen, Rodgers said it would be tag-team style. The Jets quarterback would partner with independent presidential candidate and COVID-19 vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while Kelce would be stuck with somebody like Dr. Anthony Fauci or “some other pharm-crat.” Ew.


Aaron Rodgers (Johnson & Johnson) vs. Travis Kelce (Pfizer) … a classic boneheaded battle. (RELATED: ‘Laugh Now. Cry Later’: Micah Parsons Blasts George Kittle For ‘Making It Personal’ With ‘F*ck Dallas’ Celebration)

I’m game!