Florida GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Gives Shocking Statement On UFOs

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna told “The Grant Mitt Podcast” in February that she “absolutely believes” the UFOs described in recent whistleblower testimonies are not manmade.

Luna is a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, which met in January to receive a classified hearing on UFOs/UAPs. Following the meeting, the Florida congresswoman told podcaster Grant Mitt that she believes UFOs are of “non-human origin” and could contain “inter-dimensional beings,” which shouldn’t be confused with extraterrestrial beings.

The term “inter-dimensional” suggests these creatures are not from our version of Earth, but from a different dimension or parallel universe. Or, as she put it, “they’re not necessarily a biological entity from another planet per se.”

Luna went on to claim she was “men in blacked” by the Pentagon, which tried to cancel one of her alleged UFO meetings, and also by the CIA. She alleged that the CIA followed her to a meeting with Air Force personnel who say they’ve had encounters with these strange craft. In this context, the term “men-in-blacked” basically means some guys in suits followed her and tried to shadily dissuade her from her work — a trope that inspired the (far less sinister) 1997 Will Smith movie.

“We coordinated the meeting,” Luna explained. “The Pentagon tried to initially cancel the first one. We got it back on the books. We show up there, and we get in, and the base commander tried to basically tell us that we didn’t have authorized clearance to look into and speak to some of the witnesses.” (RELATED: Republican Rep. Tim Burchett Claims UFOs Could ‘Turn Us Into Charcoal Briquette’ And More In Shocking Interview)

During the interview, Luna seemed somewhat encouraged by the bipartisan nature of the push for government agency disclosure on UFOs. But this might be a false hope. Various elected officials have tried to wring the truth about aliens out of these institutions for decades, and so far they haven’t had much success.