Researchers Reveal Devastating Data About ‘Alien’ Meteor’s Seismic Activity


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Sound waves believed to have been caused by a meteor made of “alien technology” probably just came from a regular truck, AccuWeather reported Monday.

A meteor smashed through Earth’s atmosphere over the Western Pacific ocean in Jan. 2014 and appeared to cause simultaneous ground vibrations that registered at a seismic station on the island of Manus in Papua New Guinea. A private team, guided by the seismic data, started searching the ocean floor for the meteor in 2023 and said in July that they had found part of it.

New analysis, however, suggests that the seismic signal initially believed to have come from the meteor was just a truck passing on a nearby road, AccuWeather reported.

“The signal changed directions over time, exactly matching a road that runs past the seismometer,” Johns Hopkins University planetary scientist Benjamin Fernando, said of the research. “It’s really difficult to take a signal and confirm it is not from something. But what we can do is show that there are lots of signals like this, and show they have all the characteristics we’d expect from a truck and none of the characteristics we’d expect from a meteor.”

Analysis actually suggests the meteor entered the atmosphere at a completely different location. “The fireball location was actually very far away from where the oceanographic expedition went to retrieve these meteor fragments,” he continued. “Not only did they use the wrong signal, they were looking in the wrong place.” (RELATED: Alien Relics May Be From Ancient Technological Civilization, Harvard Scientist Claims)

Soundwave data from Australia and Palau further confirmed that the meteor likely landed some 100 miles or more away from the original search site. And in one pretty shocking twist, Fernando went so far as to suggest that whatever the team found on the ocean floor is totally unrelated to the meteor.

The full findings from the study will be made available Tuesday, March 12. But even if this was alien technology, don’t ever expect world governments to admit it. (RELATED: Probe Of Pentagon Reveals They Don’t Have An Effing Clue What They’re Doing When It Comes To UFOs)

In fact, our own government agencies just tried to claim that there is absolutely zero evidence of alien life on Earth. A report from the Pentagon said all data going back to 1945 shows no sign of extraterrestrial life or technology, but the same report couldn’t tell us what all those things are up in the sky either, so, it’s up to you to choose what you believe.