‘Girls State’ Is Either The Beginning Or The Horrific End Of America. You Decide After Watching The Trailer


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Apple TV dropped the trailer for “Girls State” on Thursday, and it is a really terrifying look into the potential future leaders of America.

Apparently young girls in America keep being told that the country needs a female leader, when in reality we just need really good leaders. Gender is irrelevant. (Please stop with the “female leaders will end war” thing, though. Historically, female leaders start more wars).

In the trailer for “Girls State,” we’re introduced to a bunch of young women who’ve seem utterly convinced that their ideas will lead America to the Promised Land, despite barely being old enough to read things like tax code or legislation, let alone understand it.

I’m all for inspiring youth to make a difference in the future. But you literally cannot inspire a generation to do anything meaningful when you can barely get them to a basic level of literacy. And I dread to think how many of these young idealists will end up serving the globalist oligarchs who are actively runing this country.

All I see in this video is a bunch of girls who want to be famous more than they want to serve of their country. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself: how many of them would balk at being drafted for military service? And I feel like the only reason any of them think they can make a difference is because they’ve literally not lived long enough to see how ignorant they’re being. (RELATED: WWI History Assignment Shows Just How Bad The Education System Has Gotten)

Let’s be frank here: America has dumbed down public and private education to the point where some women think that men with graphic and potentially dangerous sexual fetishes are also “women,” so how much can we actually trust these people? The Daily Caller has also shared multiple videos of young American girls trying to logic out the most basic of human behaviors. If these are the people we’re supposed to trust with our futures then we no longer have a future.

I genuinely hope that watching “Girls State” will change my mind, but I doubt it. I’ll let you know after the documentary is released on April 5.