Pure Chaos! Wild Brawl Breaks Out Between Fans At Misfits Boxing 14

[TikTok/Screenshot/Public — @moebatista]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Get your popcorn ready for these idiots!

When you think of influencer boxing events — actually, when you think of influencer events, period — you honestly have no idea what’s going to happen. With boxing in particular, we’ve seen women fighters show their … *clears throat* … chest (which is not shockingly very popular with fans), we’ve seen boxers brawl it out in press conferences and we’ve also seen fans bash each other’s brains in while spectating in the crowd.

With that last part, that’s exactly what we saw Saturday night in London during Misfits Boxing 14, and holy hell, it was wild. (RELATED: Incredibly Wild Video Appears To Show Rowing Team Being Shot At In The Middle Of A Race In Sacramento)

Yeah, we might’ve had some TKOs in the actual event, but the best action of the night happened between fans. And it’s funny, because at Misfits Boxing 14, there were zero rules and zero referees, and boy oh boy, did fans take complete advantage of the situation.

These morons were going all out, throwing punches, unleashing kicks, hell, knees even got involved! And that wasn’t even the most of it, as chairs were spotted flying across the scene. Eventually, security moved in to deescalate the situation, but the job was already done: We were provided with idiotic nonsense.

And it was all caught on video for you beautiful people out there.


Who knows what the hell exactly happened here, but I love how there’s absolute chaos poppin’ off, and then right at the end, you just see some random chair flying into the picture and landing on everybody while they’re scrapping it out.

I think we have a troll, ladies and gentlemen!