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Dennis Miller: Israel like the victim in the ‘knockout’ game in US-Iran nuke deal

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” comedian Dennis Miller used his weekly spot to criticize the deal to halt Iran's nuclear program, saying it reminds him of the violent "knockout game" that's allegedly become popular among urban youth.

Steyn: US-Iran deal confirms Obama had no intention of taking out rogue nation’s nukes

10:47 AM 11/28/2013

On Hugh Hewitt’s Wednesday radio show, National Review columnist Mark Steyn said that the newly announced nuclear agreement with Iran gives everyone what they really wanted.

Adam Carolla contends low ratings, not gay slur, ended Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC show [AUDIO]

10:37 AM 11/28/2013

Comedian Adam Carolla speculated Wednesday that actor Alec Baldwin's departure from MSNBC earlier this week had more to do with poor ratings than his allegedly hurling a homophobic slur at a paparazzi photographer earlier this month.

Limbaugh ‘profoundly disappointed’ in Pope’s attack on ‘tyranny’ of ‘unfettered capitalism’

5:29 PM 11/27/2013

On his Wednesday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh accused Pope Francis of going beyond religion and into politics in his latest apostolic exhortation attacking “unfettered capitalism” and condemning the "idolatry of money"

Alec Baldwin out at MSNBC

2:18 PM 11/26/2013

Numerous outlets are reporting that "Up Late" host Alec Baldwin and MSNBC have parted ways.

Coulter: Obama-Iran nuke deal the latest in Democratic presidential foreign crises-making

9:50 AM 11/26/2013

On Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Monday night, conservative columnist Ann Coulter ripped President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, saying it was another crisis in a long line of Democratic foreign policy failures.

Pat Buchanan: Obamacare ‘destroying’ the progressive philosophy of government

4:48 AM 11/26/2013

On Monday’s “On the Record,” former Republican presidential adviser Pat Buchanan said Obamacare is doing fundamental damage to President Obama, the Democratic Party and liberalism in general. the failures of Obamacare have done to the Barack Obama presidency, the Democratic Party and liberalism in general.

Brit Hume: Democrats rush to the nuclear option shows their 2014 midterm pessimism

4:32 AM 11/26/2013

On Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” Monday, senior political analyst Brit Hume said Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used the so-called nuclear option so President Obama can fill courts with liberal judges.

Krauthammer: US-Iran nuke agreement ‘the worst deal since Munich’

8:03 PM 11/25/2013

On Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer condemned reports on the deal reached by the United States and its allies with Iran to stymie Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Mark Steyn: Obamacare ‘the greatest act of punitive liberalism’ Democrats have imposed on America

5:20 PM 11/23/2013

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show earlier this week, National Review columnist Mark Steyn talked about Obamacare and the long-term impact it will have beyond its plagued initial rollout.

George Will calls Obamacare, nuclear option ‘cynical lawlessness’ [VIDEO]

12:34 PM 11/23/2013

On Friday’s “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist George Will explained that Obamacare's collapse, from its disastrous rollout to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s launch of the nuclear option, helps to fulfill the so-called “progressive dream.”

Limbaugh spokesman responds to rape analogy outrage: Critics ‘simply lying’

5:43 PM 11/22/2013

Conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh is swinging back at critics who are outraged about comments he made on his show Friday.

Former MSNBC anchor suggests Bashir has naked pics MSNBC’s president

6:52 PM 11/21/2013

It was 2008, and the Democratic Party was in the middle of a hotly contested presidential primary contest between then-New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Carville: Obama to blame for health-care rollout disaster

12:48 PM 11/21/2013

On Thursday's broadcast of "Imus in the Morning" --- which is simulcasted on the Fox Business Network --- former Clinton adviser and Democratic strategist James Carville conceded that the so-called "disaster" in dealing with Obamacare's rollout is ultimately President Obama's fault.

TheDC’s Matt Lewis goes nuclear on race-card wielding MSNBC contributor [VIDEO]

5:04 PM 11/20/2013

On Wednesday's "Martin Bashir" on MSNBC, The Daily Caller's Matt Lewis unloaded on Georgetown University professor and MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson for brandishing the race card in a panel about the Affordable Care Act.

Limbaugh: What if Krauthammer or O’Reilly had talked of defecating into Obama’s mouth?

5:03 PM 11/20/2013

On his Wednesday radio program, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh asked what would happen if a prominent Fox News commentator such as Charles Krauthammer or Bill O'Reilly said someone should defecate in President Obama's mouth.

Former NYPD detective: Media suppressing racial, anti-Semitic elements behind ‘Knockout’ game

10:18 AM 11/20/2013

On Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Tuesday night, former New York City Police Department detective Bo Dietl explained why the “Knockout” game --- an activity which involves sucker-punching an unsuspecting bystander with the goal of knocking them unconscious --- is something the news media should be devoting more attention to, despite its racial aspects.

George W. Bush makes stop on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show’

2:11 AM 11/20/2013

On NBC’s “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday night, former President George W. Bush made a rare media appearance to talk about his life after leaving office in 2009.

Buchanan on Obamacare: ‘This is an ongoing domestic Bay of Pigs’

11:41 PM 11/19/2013

On Fox News Channel’s “On the Record” Tuesday night, conservative firebrand and former presidential adviser Pat Buchanan criticized President Barack Obama on the heels of a March McKinsey & Company report warning of flaws in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, which was divulged by a House investigation.