5 election winners to be sworn in early - AP

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Five winners of special House and Senate elections will be sworn in before the rest of the freshman class

Free Press pushes back but fails to address transparency issues - TheDC

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The pro-net neutrality nonprofit has repeatedly criticized the FCC for their dealings with the telecommunications industry

Public face of net neutrality lacks transparency - TheDC

Tech | Mike Riggs

Free Press fails to report secret visits with regulators and congressmen, slams FCC for lack of transparency

Dems try to rein in Rangel

Feature:Opinion | Ron Hart

This is just the Democratic way of being “bi-partisan” and reaching across the aisle. Democrats these days are either reaching into your pocket or, as in the cases of John Edwards, Eric Massa and Al Gore, reaching into your pants

EXCLUSIVE: Weigel e-mails savage conservatives - TheDC

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E-mails reveal Post reporter savaging conservatives, rooting for Democrats

Calls grow for probe into payment to Massa aide - The Washington Post

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A conservative watchdog group is calling for a probe into a $40,000 payment to the chief of staff of disgraced Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY)

Massa's disaster continues with mystery money - POLITICO

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Then-Rep. Eric Massa used a campaign account to pay $40,000 to his chief of staff – a central figure in the story of allegations that Massa sexually harassed his aides

Massa of disaster - The Washington Post

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Just three months after Eric Massa was elected to Congress, his young male employees on Capitol Hill began complaining to supervisors that the lawmaker was making aggressive, sexual overtures toward them, according to new interviews and internal documents

A big f#%king deal: Biden has perfect NCAA bracket - TheDC

Politics | The Daily Caller

Vice President Joe Biden’s NCAA basketball bracket is still flawless going into the Final Four sources within the White House confirmed late Wednesday to The Daily Caller

Massa of his domain: Political intrigue and tickling

Opinion | Ron Hart

Politicians often make my job easy. Now we have the curious case of former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) and tickle champion

Massa liked to drink before voting

| Mike Riggs
'Sometimes it's much easier to understand these bills when you're drunk'

Scandal watch: Massa as the new Foley? An insider’s view

op-ed | Mr. GOP

The secrecy surrounding Eric Massa’s recent resignation sounds eerily familiar to 2006, when, as a House GOP leadership staffer, I watched the Mark Foley scandal unfold from the inside

'I think we can' - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

Are Democrats marching toward a health-care bill behind the scenes, or are they slipping backwards? On Thursday, disagreement over abortion language appeared more intractable than ever, a key procedural move was ruled out, and votes in the House continued to move the wrong way

Ludacris and O’Reilly smoking the peace pipe?

Opinion | Sara Libby

At any given moment, there are a number of feuds being played out in Washington: Harry Reid vs. Mitch McConnell, Eric Massa vs. tickle-averse staffers, Michael Steele vs. everyone. But signs are emerging that we might finally be able to close the door on an outside-the-Beltway spat, this one stretching from New York to Hotlanta: Ludacris vs. Bill O’Reilly

S.E. Cupp’s Diary: Crazytown mayoral election under way

Opinion | S.E. Cupp

What an awesome week for all kinds of crazy. If aliens had landed on our planet, they would have watched as: the world’s most celebrated movie stars snored through a bizarre, seventeen-hour interpretive dance at the Oscars; Rep. Patrick Kennedy lost his effing mind on the House floor; Glenn Beck and Eric Massa out-crazied each other over some exotic birth ritual called “kill the old guy;” and a Pennsylvania woman opened a dating service for lonely jihadists. Slip into a straight jacket and follow me into this padded room, Crazy, because you just had the best week ever!

Massa to the ethics committee - THE WASHINGTON POST

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House Minority Leader John Boehner introduced a bill Thursday calling for the House ethics committee to restart its probe of ex-representative Eric Massa, and rather than approve the measure outright, the House voted, 402 to 1, to refer the bill

Massa Attack - The Daily Caller

| Mike Riggs

Boehner releases text of privileged resolution

Boehner Doubles Down - The Daily Caller

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Minority leader calls for investigation into Pelosi and Hoyer