400-pound marathoner celebrates nine hours, 48 minutes and 42 seconds of 'pure hell' - LAT

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Former sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting beat a previous attempt at running the Las Angeles marathon by two hours

Aflac dumps actor Gilbert Gottfried for tasteless tweets - AP

Entertainment | admin

Gottfried tweeted various insensitive things including a joke about Japanese people drowning

Man trapped woman in a fold-out sofa - The Smoking Gun

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Mark Foreman of Florida was arrested Tuesday night after he allegedly trapped his ex-girlfriend’s mother inside of a fold-out couch

Blade from crime stays in a man's head for four years - TIME

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When Li Fu of China complained of headaches, doctors soon realized that he had a knife blade stuck in his head, leftover from a robbery attack four years ago

Amanda Knox surprised by movie trailer on cellmate's TV - ABC News

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Convicted killer Amanda Knox, currently in custody in Italy, was surprised to see a trailer on TV of a movie based on her experiences starring ‘Heroes’ actress Hayden Panetierre

Blake Lively the new Carrie Bradshaw? - PopEater

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

‘SATC’ is reportedly courting Blake Lively to play a younger version of Carrie Bradshaw for a prequel film

Pamela Anderson says immigrants should accept the legal citizenship process - TheDC

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Canadian and former ‘Baywatch’ star Pamela Anderson followed the legal immigration process and says all immigrants should do the same

Hayden Panettiere: Amanda Knox was 'a real person,' 'needy' - TheDC

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Hayden Panettiere, who plays the role of Amanda Knox in an upcoming film, says of the convicted killer, ‘I believe in the person that she deep down was…she has a spirit’

Hayden Panettiere: David Arquette doing 'great' post-rehab - E! Online

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Hayden Panettiere said that her ‘Scream 4’ costar David Arquette is doing ‘awesome’ post-rehab

Lauren Conrad's show too intellectual for MTV? - E! Online

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

A miffed Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad says MTV pulled her new reality show because it was ‘too high brow’ for MTV viewers

Bieber to appear on SNL this weekend - The Hollywood Reporter

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Two days after his surprise ‘Daily Show’ appearance, Justin Bieber will appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’

'The Situation' ready to move on from 'Jersey Shore'? - E! Online

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Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino says he’ll be ready to ‘graduate’ to movies in another year

Chris Christie hasn't ruled out 2016 run - TheDC

Politics | Laura Donovan

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie has said many times that he’s not seeking a 2012 presidential run, but told Fox Thursday that he hasn’t completely cast out the possibility of a 2016 run

Kim Kardashian: Role Model of 2011 [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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In honor of her recent freak-out over her nude W magazine spread, we pay a tribute to Kim Kardashian, who has said teen moms are not positive role models

Charlie Sheen: 'I have a lot of work to do' - Us Weekly

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

They say the first step to improvement is admitting one has a problem. Now that drug, hooker loving Charlie Sheen acknowledges he has hit rock bottom, can he start his uphill trek?

Murdoch squashes rumors Fox may rehire Olbermann: 'We don't believe in firing' twice - TheDC

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News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch says there’s no chance he’ll sign Keith Olbermann onto Fox again

Justin Bieber teaches David Letterman how to Twitter - TheDC

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Justin Bieber informed host David Letterman about the complexities of the Twitterverse Tuesday

Snooki: 'War is not cool at all' - TheDC

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When asked what she’d do as Commander in Chief, Snooki responded, ‘I’d probably stop the war, and that’s serious…War is not cool at all’

Snooki: George W. Bush hotter than Obama - TheDC

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When asked if she found President Obama or George W. Bush hotter, Snooki said, ‘George Bush was pretty cute…for an old man’

Denise Richards: 'No adult film star will be babysitting our kids' - Us Weekly

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Denise Richards wasn’t happy to hear ex-husband Charlie Sheen had asked a porn star to watch their children