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Ask Matt Labash: Pass the gluten and eating puppies


Eating a bass is like eating a puppy

What does the 'BT' in 'LGBT' REALLY stand for?

Gay Pride Parade in Buenos Aires

I have more affinity with the ‘L’s’ in LGBT — we are both, after all, staunch proponents of having sex with women

Ask Matt Labash: Redskins name-blaming and the joy of taking offense


Sexually-frustrated Satanists aren’t demanding the Duke Blue Devils change their moniker

Ask Matt Labash: Miley Cyrus, the sluttification of America, and the mystery of real women

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Real women use their tongues to say things worth listening to — not just to lick things

Whose advice can you believe?

Matt Labash explains why you should not seek advice from advice columnists

Ask Matt Labash: Deadly Diet Coke, artificially-sweet lies, and blinding me with 'science'

Diet Coke
It seems our expiration is the only certainty that all science can agree upon

Ask Matt Labash: Fly Fishing apolitically, the worst governor in America (Martin O'Malley), and wingnut environmentalism

Governors Meeting

‘Despite O’Malley’s purported charms, he has never met a pocket he wouldn’t pick’

Ask Matt Labash: Jeans -- a buyer's guide for middle-aged straight men

Denim Jeans

‘Personally, I think of buying new jeans the way most people think of retirement savings’

Ask Matt Labash: Rethinking the Religion of Peace, and photographic evidence

Muslims praying

On the bloodlust of Judeo-Christian troglodytes and the notable paucity of Labash imagery

Ask Matt Labash: iPads, iDistractions and plugging your ears to silence the silence


I think we’re being too hard on tablets. They are just another symptom of the underlying disease

Ask Matt Labash: Do's and dont's of wedding songs, why Adele sucks, and the evils of remix dances

Oscars Adele.JPEG

‘I’m taking this opportunity to bash the most overpraised singer of this generation’

Ask Matt Labash: Killing fish vs. seeing hookers, The Lamest Generation (Boomers), and the virtue of mystery


Is employing the services of a prostitute a mortal sin on a par with keeping fish?

Ask Matt Labash: How to handle your gay friend’s smelly boyfriend, and why we’re getting dumber


It’s your job to like your friend, not your friend’s smelly lover

Ask Matt Labash: Poison Apple, the death of books, and how to live responsibly by being irresponsible


The fish you will catch in southwest Virginia exist outside of time

Ask Matt Labash: Why Facebook still sucks, spying hard, and selling buggy whips to blacksmiths

Paula Broadwell on "The Daily Show."

We need more men who are not intimidated by long odds

Ask Matt Labash: Fly fishing through Armageddon, a post-election edition

Bruce Springsteen - Obama

If Chris Christie is against gay marriage, why does he keep hitting on Bruce Springsteen?

Ask Matt Labash: Hurricane Sandy lifestyle adjustments

Superstorm Sandy.JPEG

For most of us, it’s really hard not to watch calamity unfold

Ask Matt Labash: Dare not to dream -- an anti-political rant - TheDC Opinion

Vote Or Die Campaign Rally At Wayne State University

‘I’m generally predisposed toward Republicans. Not because I like them, particularly.’

Ask Matt Labash: Dougie-ing better than Michelle Obama - TheDC

Michelle Obama
America's second or third most popular faux-advice column answers TheDC interns' most burning questions