Skip Bayless Believes Dak Prescott Is Top-10 NFL Player, Calls Him ‘Underappreciated’

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Co-host of Fox Sports’ Undisputed show and avid Dallas Cowboys fan Skip Bayless, took his frustration at the NFL’s Top-100 list to Twitter this Monday after Dak Prescott was not included in the list.

It is tough for some analysts to keep their own personal biases out of sports, but Bayless has always voiced his fanhood for “America’s Team.” In the tweet, Bayless not only believes Prescott should have made the list, but believes Prescott should have been ahead of Julio Jones, Antonio Brown and Todd Gurley.

It is fair to criticize the list for not including Prescott at all, but anyone who takes him over any of those three stars doesn’t watch much football. Star quarterbacks can dominate defenses with sub-par weapons around them, and Prescott’s numbers without his star running back “Zeke” are mediocre at best.

As surprising as this may sound, Prescott receives a lot more praise by analysts than Skip may think. I have heard several people say Dak is primed for a great season in 2019. (RELATED: Dallas Cowboys Named The Most Valuable Sports Franchise On The Planet With $5 Billion Valuation)


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I am sure Dak’s ranking was not the only thing that bothered the analyst as Carson Wentz came in at number 96 on the list. Bayless has been a frequent participant in the Dak verse Carson debate ever since the two quarterbacks were drafted in 2016.

The thing that always frustrates me with Skip is he actually has some great takes that make you think, but other times he believes some ridiculous nonsense like Dak being a top 10 player. Julio Jones is arguably the best receiver in the NFL, Antonio Brown is close behind Jones in that same discussion and Todd Gurley, when healthy, is the best running back in the league.

Prescott has been an above average quarterback in his short career and probably should’ve made the list, but anyone with eyes knows that the trio Bayless named, is lightyears ahead of Dak. The co-host should be worried about the Ezekiel Elliott situation and not a meaningless list.