Enes Kanter Freedom Tweets ‘South Park’-Like Cartoon That Slams LeBron James And China

Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot/Public-User: Enes Kanter/ Real Ballers

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom slammed LeBron James and China’s President Xi Jinping in a brutal “South Park”-like cartoon that shows him being murdered.

The clip opens up with an animated scene of Kanter sitting in a chair with the Lakers star and China’s leader discussing what to do with him. The Boston Celtics’ player posted the cartoon to Twitter on Thursday. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“How do we fix this mess this piece of shit made,” James’ character says.

“We make a video of him retracting his statements, saying very nice things about us and we send it to the news,” Jinping’s character replies.


A bloodied Kanter responds he will never do it and the Chinese leader shoots him. (RELATED: NBA Player Enes Kanter Says He’s Becoming A Citizen Of ‘The Greatest Country In The World’)

“This isn’t up for discussion,” Jinping’s character replies. “In China, you comply or you die.”

LeBron’s character soon realizes Xi isn’t a good guy and tells the leader he can’t just kill Kanter. (RELATED: Enes Kanter Says LeBron James’ Former Teammates Told Him The Basketball Star Only Cares About His ‘PR’)

The president responds he “kills people all the time” and that he killed “two million Muslims just last month.”

James calls him a “monster” and admits to the Celtics player he didn’t do his “research” when Kanter told him about China’s human rights abuses.

Jinping’s character tells Enes he will say what he wants him to say or he will die. It is then that China’s leader shoots the basketball star in the head. He turns to James and points the gun at him and says, “Are you going to comply LeBron?”

It ends with a dead, bloodied Kanter on camera having his mouth moved by James. He is mouthing the words from Jinping.

“Hello, Enes Kanter Freedom here live from China,” Jinping’s character said. “I was totally wrong. China is super free. President Jinping is a great man. Visit China and see The Great Wall. Download TikTok. Give China your information. Come to China.”

The last shot has the words “Real Ballers” on it. It is unclear from Kanter’s post where the video came from. However, on YouTube, there’s a clip from Riot Comedy titled “Real Ballers of the Association” that is the same, and it is dated December 31, 2021.

Freedom famously called out James for valuing “money over morals” and American companies “for turning a blind eye toward human rights abuses in China.”