EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Rick Scott To Release New Ad Hitting Back At Biden After Criticism


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Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott will release an advertisement Friday hitting back at President Joe Biden over inflation and the current baby formula shortage.

In the ad first obtained by The Daily Caller, Scott criticizes Biden’s policies contributing to record inflation, devaluing of retirement plans and the baby formula shortage, despite the president’s insistence his policies are benefitting Americans.

“You know with Joe Biden as President, all Americans have one thing in common: we all have less and everything costs more,” Scott says in the ad. “More for gas. More for food. More for rent. We have mortgage rates rising, 401k’s shrinking and a baby formula shortage.”

The ad then cuts to a clip of Biden at a May 10 press conference saying, “I think our policies help, not hurt.”

“Joe Biden is incompetent, confused and forcing us into a recession,” Scott says.

Scott then brought up his 11-point Rescue America plan, a plan the senator released in February which he believes should be the focus of the GOP’s agenda moving into the 2022 midterms. (RELATED: ‘Disastrous Agenda’: Rick Scott Responds To Dems Weaponizing His 11-Point Plan Against The GOP)


“Joe Biden is incompetent and confused. His policies are hurting everyday Americans and he’s quickly forcing us into a recession. We need to rescue America from these radical, woke, incompetent Democrats and from President Biden who simply can’t do the job,” Scott told the Daily Caller before the ad’s release.

The senator’s ad comes after Biden claimed earlier this month that the Rescue America plan would increase taxes on half of the country’s small business owners. The president has also claimed that the GOP at large wants to give tax breaks to large corporations while increasing taxes on middle-class families. Biden also referred to supporters of Scott’s plan and Republicans generally as “Ultra MAGA.” The president later dubbed former Republican President Donald Trump as “the great MAGA King.”