Internet Trolls Display A Love/Hate Relationship With The ‘Little Mermaid’ Voice Actors

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The trailer for the live-action “Little Mermaid” movie dropped and has caused an absolute ruckus on social media.

Instead of being happy with the sneak peek they were given, fans keep flipping back and forth between loving and hating the leading stars that have done voice work as Ariel. The most recent person to step into the role of Ariel is Halle Bailey. Some fans initially targeted Bailey with racially charged comments and slammed Disney for their casting choice. It seems the young star has recently been embraced by many fans, who have since shifted their criticism toward the woman behind the original Ariel’s voice from 1989 (Jodi Benson) instead.

Bailey was initially rejected because she didn’t represent the original aesthetic that most fans were familiar with, and some people felt that casting a Black woman for the role wasn’t a true representation of the character. When the trailer was released and she belted it out,  her sheer singing talents took fans by storm and general opinion shifted. Bailey has quickly earned the respect of many fans, who showered her with praise for her stellar performance, according to CinemaBlend.

Some fans on social media have been pegging Benson and Bailey against one another, and have attacked Benson with harsh comments about how her voice pales in comparison to that of Bailey’s.

“I just imagined Halle recreating this and yeah they’re gonna have to sedate me in the theater,” said one Twitter user, whose account has seen an increase in traction since the post was published, according to CinemaBlend.

Some have already grown tired of the drama and noted the fact that Benson has shown love and support for Bailey.

The social media war continues to play on for the most part. (RELATED: Katy Perry’s Fashion Fail Made Her Fall On The ‘American Idol’ Stage)

Some laced into Benson while others rushed to her defense.

“The Little Mermaid” live-action remake is poised to play in theaters May 26, 2023, according to CinemaBlend.

Leena Nasir