‘Confusion Causes Division’: Mary Rooke Breaks Down How LGBT Kids Content Is Damaging Children

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller columnist and host of “Trad-ish,” Mary Rooke, discussed the push of LGBT kids content on online platforms, criticizing the belief that “children are born with the ability to know themselves” Friday on Newsmax.

Rooke appeared on “Carl Higbie Frontline” to discuss the recent push for LGBT themes in a new spinoff Netflix show, “CoComelon Lane.” Newsmax guest host Jenn Pellegrino asked Rooke her thoughts on how she “handles” shows that are pushing LGBT content as a mother. 

The “Trad-ish” host stated children’s content is hard to “police” because almost “every single thing” is made to “capture” them. Rooke emphasized how the show’s message of “be yourself” is something children don’t fully understand. (RELATED: ROOKE: Give Young Women 30 Seconds Of Masculinity, And Watch The Feminism Melt Away)

“You know that’s a really big issue — especially in our family. Like how do you police content when every single thing that’s being made is being made to capture your children? And this is no different,” Rooke stated. 


“The whole message is ‘be yourself. Be yourself.’ But the problem is that children don’t really know what that means. You have no idea when you’re a child what ‘be yourself’ means so you look up to your parents and you say, ‘Okay, my parents are good upstanding people. They do the right thing in these situations. I watch how they handle all these different things and I’m going to emulate that.’ So to put a child out in the world with no guidelines, and no structure and no, you know, explaining to them how to live their life — of course there’s going to be confusion.” 

Rooke continued to call out the celebration of “confusion,” stating it has caused a divide between the Right and Left, due to what she says is the Left’s belief children are born already knowing themselves.

“But you can’t celebrate confusion because confusion causes division and that’s where we are right now. That’s why you see this huge problem between the Left and the Right, because the Left believes that children are born with the ability to know themselves without understanding that it’s their parents that taught them how to be,” Rooke stated. (RELATED: ROOKE: America Is Crumbling Under Gen Z’s Contempt For What Makes It Great)

“And the reason why they feel so insecure right now is because likely their parents were not there for them, and so they have no idea how to be there for their own children.”

An episode of “CoComelon Lane” went viral online after the animated show depicted a boy playing dress up and dancing around for his gay dads. Typically geared towards babies and toddlers, the animated episode’s message was apparently centered around telling kids to “be yourself.”