Katt Williams, Joe Rogan, And Ancient Mysteries Of Human Creation And Civilization? Yes, Please


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Katt Williams went all out on the best ancient mysteries and conspiracies on “The Joe Rogan Experience” Thursday.

It all starts with Williams and host Joe Rogan discussing the information pathway throughout human history, which will eventually lead you back to the ancient Egyptian God Thoth and the Emerald Tablets, which “are literally mind-changing and mind-blowing,” according to Williams. The tablet’s content is complicatedly detailed, and written at a time when human civilization shouldn’t have been that advanced, according to the Big Archaeology and our history books.

The mainstream view is that humans only came to America around 13,000 years ago, and really only developed rudimentary agriculture around the same time in the rest of the world. From here, humanity evolved until today, making us the first advanced civilization to live on Earth. But a growing body of scientific evidence, including the Emerald Tablet, is throwing this theory out the window. New discoveries are constantly pushing back the human timeline and leaving unanswered questions in the hands of archaeologists.

Another example of such unanswered questions include when and how the Great Pyramids of Giza were built. Williams argues that whatever civilization did build the pyramids, they were likely as technologically savvy, if not more so than today. So, what happened to these people?

“That’s probably where the Younger Dryas impact theory comes in,” Rogan noted. The theory essentially postulates that our Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) ended suddenly and violently (a fact uncontested by mainstream science) as a result of an asteroid strike, rather than worldwide climate change. Evidence supporting this theory was excellently depicted in Graham Hancock’s Netflix series “Ancient Apocalypse.” And again, the theory keeps growing in academic literature.

“The greatest trick is to make us believe that people back then were dumber and we’re smarter, and that whole thing is a fallacy,” William explained. The men then went back and forth on whether or not humanity faced total extinction on multiple occasions throughout history, making us the “children of the survivors” of our last great cataclysm. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Joe Rogan Guest Jimmy Corsetti Shares Stunning New Evidence On Atlantis Theory)

The next big conspiracy centers on the Richat Structure, and the work of Jimmy Corsetti who believes it is the location of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Analysis of ancient maps and geological formations at the site, including the presence of salt, are what most supporters of the theory lean on in their arguments that Atlantis was at the Richat Structure and that it was destroyed by the “massive” flood caused by the Younger Dryas impact.

Big Archaeology says that the structure is just a natural landmark. And the region is too war-torn to figure out who is right … for now. (RELATED: Eight New Types Of Ancient Human Discovered, Researchers Claim)

“[Corsetti] says [the Richat Structure] has all the hallmark characteristics [of Atlantis] and there’s all the evidence of massive water erosion surrounding the area. And at one point in time, it’s very likely that this area got hit with a massive flood and it matches all the characteristics of Atlantis,” Rogan details, clearly getting into the subject matter.

In layman’s terms: The civilization of Atlantis was destroyed by the floodwaters from the rapid melting of ice caps at the end of the Younger Dryas as a result of an asteroid impact (roughly 11,500-ish years ago).

“This is really weird because at one period of time, we’re thinking no flood happened. There’s so many things that have lined up from these great religious books to where we can see, no, something happened here,” Williams continues. He’s talking about the Biblical flood, as well as basically every other world religion and culture that tells and eerily similar origin story, their own flood myth. For the longest time, these really were just myths.

But mainstream science now knows there was a Biblical-scale flood during human history. So are these religions really talking about a myth anymore, or is science confirming our stories as fact? (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: DOJ-Funded Study To Highlight Who Spews Violent Language Online, And It Isn’t Conspiracy Theorists)

Williams concludes this part of the conversation by perfectly describing how a deep fascination with ancient world histories and mysteries is completely different from an interest in “conspiracy theories.” There’s a big difference between thinking the world is run by lizard people and understanding there’s growing evidence humanity reached some time of peak technological development in our ancient past, and science can’t debunk it.

Rogan also notes that most religious and cultural stories have been passed down for thousands of years. “There’s nothing to a conspiracy theorist because you’re not producing what you’re using,” Williams explains. “But these world mysteries, that’s harder to do. A lie is not something that people are going to repeat for generations on generations.”

Watch the full discussion here, and I highly recommend getting into it. You will not be disappointed.