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Sebelius: Obama attacks on Ryan Medicare plan 'not likely to stop over the next three months'

Politics | Michelle Fields
Obama's HHS secretary insists Medicare is strong as is

Willie Nelson's family protests dog eating at S. Korean embassy

Politics | Michelle Fields
Country singers family shows up to protest the dog meat trade in South Korea

Hundreds gather on Capitol Hill to protest Obamacare

US | Michelle Fields
'This isn't pursuit of happiness, this isn't about liberty -- this is about life'

Rep. King: Idea that diversity is America's strength 'never been backed up by logic'

Politics | Michelle Fields
Congressman continues his push to make English the official language of the U.S.

Michele Bachmann: Dead author Gore Vidal's 'snotty, mocking attitude' made me a conservative

Politics | Michelle Fields
Bachmann: Epiphany came after realizing Vidal was 'espousing' views that weren't 'reflective of American values'

Black pastor accuses Obama of condoning child rape by supporting gay marriage

Politics | Michelle Fields
Leader of anti-gay-marriage group says Obama was 'discourteous and unprofessional' to ignore him

Dane Cook jokes about theater shooting in LA comedy routine

Entertainment | Michelle Fields
'Ugh, f**king shoot me'

Kim Dotcom launches viral video protest song against Obama

Tech | Michelle Fields
'The government is killing innovation,' says file-sharing boss fighting extradition to the US

Gary Johnson says armed audience member could have ended Batman massacre

Gun Laws & Legislation | Michelle Fields
Libertarian candidate: 'I personally may have been in a position to bring it to an end'

Romney adviser: Obama hypocritical on transparency

Elections | Michelle Fields
'We have this president at the time, ironically ... calling for all of the governor's tax returns, and yet ... they're hiding behind the executive privilege on the Fast and Furious issue'

Big Labor gives Obama, Democrats big cold shoulder with alternate convention

Politics | Michelle Fields
Big Labor giving Obama, Democrats big cold shoulder

Christie: War on Drugs a 'failure'

Politics | Michelle Fields
'Every life is precious, and every one of God's creatures can be redeemed, but they won't be if we ignore them'

Christie on Obama, Congress: 'Don't ask for the job' if you won't work together

Politics | Michelle Fields
'No one ever told you it was going to be pleasant or easy'

16.8% of millenials unemployed or have given up looking for job

US | Michelle Fields
June's job numbers don't bode well for young workers

Georgetown law professor: Timing of health care ruling ideal

Politics | Michelle Fields
'It is within the power of the electorate to reverse Obamacare ... and we have an election teed up in order to do that'

Cato scholar: Obamacare ruling was the 'most politically acceptable'

Politics | Michelle Fields
'I think they gave something to both sides'

Liberals outside Supreme Court celebrate

Politics | Michelle Fields
'Well, who would not in their right mind, not be overjoyed?'

Sharpton has secret 'activities' planned around Holder contempt vote

Politics | Michelle Fields
MSNBC host staying mum about reaction to Thursday's looming 'political exploitation'

Herman Cain: Obama 'wants to rewrite the Bible'

Politics | Michelle Fields
'This president wants to redefine marriage... He wants to define fair and fairness'

Glenn Beck has a new target: 'Glee'

Entertainment | Michelle Fields
'We've spent about a year now trying to put together a push-back with artists, with music'

McConnell: US government using 'thuggish tactics' to 'silence critics'

Politics | Michelle Fields
'These tactics extend well beyond the campaign headquarters and deep into the government itself'

Rand Paul: 'I'm not a pacifist'

Politics | Michelle Fields
Kentucky Sen. says he's a Christian who believes in defending country and not showing 'glee at the face of war'

Rubio: Dems 'pit Americans against each other' to win elections

Politics | Michelle Fields
'They tell our fellow Americans that the reasons why they're worse off is because other people are doing too well'

Portman: Obama 'needs to get out more'

Video | Michelle Fields
'We are experiencing the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression,' says Ohio senator

Holder: Everyone knows 'in-person voting fraud is uncommon'

Politics | Michelle Fields
'We must be honest about this,' says embattled AG

Paul Ryan: Nov. election is about 'natural rights' vs. 'government-granted rights'

Elections | Michelle Fields
'It's an opportunity society versus welfare state'

Maddow: Without unions, 'Democrats do not have a way to compete'

Elections | Michelle Fields
'That is the reality now in Wisconsin. It is the reality in states where they have essentially eliminated unions rights'

Pelosi nostalgic for George W. Bush

Politics | Michelle Fields
House minority leader calls Bush 'really a lovely man': 'We worked with President Bush on many issues'

Nancy Pelosi: 'This is a government of the plutocracy'

Politics | Michelle Fields
'That is not what our founders sacrificed their life, liberty and personal freedom for'

'Occupy Bilderberg' complains of media blackout, but chases media away [VIDEO]

US | Michelle Fields
'Occupy Bilderberg' complains of media blackout, but chases media away

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