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Merry Christmas – 28 Free Downloads From Gun Digest

4:35 PM 12/19/2014

Gun Digest is a frequent contributor to the Daily Caller. They have a bounty of downloads available that are free to you. Take a look and feel free to share this with your friends. I admit spending a lot of time with the “gun values” download.

Amazing 400-yard shot with a 9mm handgun

5:40 PM 03/24/2014

Jerry Miculek is arguably the world’s best marksman. Since 1989 when Jerry quit his day-job to become a professional shooter he has amassed an unfathomable amount of world records. He can hit an aspirin tossed into the air or dump eight shots on target from a revolver in exactly one second.

Former NRA president Charlton Heston to get US Post Office stamp

11:15 AM 02/22/2014

The United States Postal Service has announced that former NRA President Charlton Heston will be honored with his own stamp. The stamp is part of their “Legends of Hollywood” series, and while the specific issue date has not yet been determined, it will be issued sometime in 2014.

George Washington, whiskey, an Emerson custom knife and helping Navy SEALs

5:32 PM 12/12/2013

Every year, the knife-maker Ernest Emerson holds an annual Christmas auction -- and this year, he's featuring a custom knife incorporating a handle made from a massive oak that stood on Washington’s Union Farm. I had the pleasure of working with Ernest on this project and acquiring the wood and other items for the auction. The knife is a all Emerson and personally handmade by Ernest himself.