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Dutch Soccer Fans Pay Tribute To Malaysia Airlines Victims With MASSIVE Display

(Photo: Twitter / Tom Wolbrink)

Fans of the Dutch soccer team Feyenoord Rotterdam paid their respects to the victims aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 with a massive stadium display and a moment of silence before the team's friendly game against Spain's Real Sociedad Wednesday.

Devastating ESPN Report Reveals Awful Living, Working Conditions Ahead Of Qatar World Cup [VIDEO]

11:42 AM 05/14/2014

A workers' rights activist estimates that at least 4,000 workers will die before the kickoff of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, due to to awful living and working conditions filmed in an ESPN investigative report by Jeremy Schaap.

Santa goes parkour to get from house to house [VIDEO]

11:43 AM 12/24/2013

If you've always wondered how Santa Claus gets from house to house on Christmas Eve, you're probably not Daily Caller entertainment editor Taylor Bigler, who says Santa isn't real.

What to do when your neighbors one-up your Christmas decorations

1:31 AM 12/21/2013

After the family next door to Jeremy and Sheila Brown unveiled an impressive exhibition of Christmas lights and decorations, the Tennessee couple decided to use humor to attract attention to their own house, the Jackson Sun newspaper reports.

Democrats: News media wants us to give up defending Obamacare

1:35 PM 11/29/2013

Borrowing a typically Republican talking point, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee charged that the news media is working against its priorities, namely defending Obamacare and electing more Democratic House members.

‘Cornhusker kickback’ senator meets with Obama to talk Obamacare fix

11:55 AM 11/21/2013

Former Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, who voted for Obamacare after securing the "Cornhusker kickback" for his state, met with President Barack Obama Wednesday to talk about how to fix the law.

Va. radio host wants Bob McDonnell to resign

5:06 PM 08/19/2013

Conservative Virginia radio host John Fredericks urged Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell to resign as federal prosecutors look into whether McDonnell aided a company whose CEO gave his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and money.

Lee Bright to become third challenger to Lindsey Graham

1:46 PM 08/06/2013

A third conservative challenger is entering the race to unseat South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Monica Crowley: GOP House is ‘thin red line’ preventing ‘destruction of America as we know it’ [VIDEO]

10:31 PM 02/09/2013

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley warned that President Barack Obama is aiming to take back the House of Representatives in 2014, and that the Republican Party "needs to get its act together."

Former GOP Rep. Bob Inglis pushes market-based climate-change ideas

1:14 AM 01/28/2013

WASHINGTON -- A former congressman says he has the solution to the world's carbon emissions problem. And he's a Republican.

SC bill would exempt state militia from federal gun rules

2:47 AM 01/18/2013

While a handful of states have moved to nullify President Barack Obama's recent executive orders on guns, a quartet of tea-party state senators in South Carolina introduced a bill Wednesday claiming to offer pro-gun citizens a different way around the federal rules: exempt the state's unorganized militia from federal gun regulations.

Facing budget cuts, Joint Chiefs scramble to push ‘innovation’ at Pentagon

3:33 AM 01/15/2013

If former Sen. Chuck Hagel is confirmed to be secretary of defense, he will face a new era of tightening budgets at the Pentagon -- a reality that top-level military officials are now publicly acknowledging.

Obama calls NDAA conscience clause for military chaplains ‘unnecessary and ill-advised’

3:06 PM 01/03/2013

President Barack Obama called a conscience clause for military chaplains in the National Defense Authorization Act "unnecessary and ill-advised."

Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen considering rematch with Nikki Haley

12:43 AM 12/14/2012

Democratic South Carolina state Sen. Vincent Sheheen, who lost to Republican Gov. Nikki Haley in 2010, is considering challenging Haley once again in 2014.

Rep. Moran, whose son assaulted girlfriend, is strong supporter of renewing Violence Against Women Act

6:27 PM 12/12/2012

Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran, whose son pleaded guilty Wednesday to assaulting his girlfriend, has for months expressed support for renewing the federal government's Violence Against Women Act.

National security expert: Agents should be able to conduct surveillance inside churches, mosques [VIDEO]

1:22 AM 12/09/2012

National security expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka believes the push for political correctness in the U.S. has hurt America's ability to defend itself.

EPA continues multimillion-dollar crackdown on glass manufacturing

5:23 PM 12/03/2012

The Environmental Protection Agency continued its crackdown on the glass manufacturing sector Monday.

DeMint-founded PAC asks supporters to think, pray about running for Senate

1:11 PM 11/30/2012

You could be the next Ted Cruz: That's the message the Senate Conservatives Fund sent to supporters Friday morning in an email titled "New Leaders Needed."

As GOP dismisses Geithner fiscal cliff offer, reporters defend White House

1:30 AM 11/30/2012

Washington political reporters on Thursday tweeted defenses of the White House's opening proposal in the fiscal cliff negotiations with House Republicans.