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The Daily Caller Reports: Hillary Is Stunning And Brave. Get Over It

Politics | Richie McGinniss
'The United States remains the beacon that we want it to be...'

The Daily Caller Reports: The Emmys, Dem Corruption, And Trump's Mean Memes

| Richie McGinniss

CNN's Latest Trump Stunt Left Reddit Furious -- Even The Liberals

| Richie McGinniss
Reddit vs. CNN... guess who's winning

SPOILER ALERT: Brooke Baldwin Exploits Putin-Trump Narrative

Politics | Richie McGinniss
'If I had a penny for every time...'

Kathy Griffin's Presser: Tragedy, Comedy, The Works [VIDEO]

Politics | Richie McGinniss
"He broke me, he broke me, he broke me."

Kathy Griffin Should Not Have Apologized

Opinion | Richie McGinniss
Careers shouldn't be jeopardized over political correctness. This applies to liberals, too.

Watch Reporters Try To Pronounce 'Covfefe'

Entertainment | Richie McGinniss
Donald Trump's infamous Twitter typo, explained

Watch ISIS Fighters Fail Big League

Video | Richie McGinniss
No 72 virgins for you!

Trump's Handshakes With French President Did Not Disappoint

Video | Richie McGinniss
World leaders, beware

Texas Congressman Says DNC Leaks May Have Been An Inside Job, CNN Flips &$*%

Politics | Richie McGinniss
'What is circulating on the internet?!'

Obama Apologizes, Trump Makes Deals

Video | Richie McGinniss
Obama's first speech in the Middle East took a conciliatory tone while Trump's was anything but.

Could Trump And Bibi Make 'Toughest Deal Of All'?

Video | Richie McGinniss
'I've heard it's one of the toughest deals of all'

'America's Most Trusted News Source' Invents New Word

Politics | Richie McGinniss
Real pros

Missed Trump's Thursday Press Conference? He Went Off

Politics | Richie McGinniss
'Next question'

Liar Liar Pelosi's Pants Are On Fire

Politics | Richie McGinniss
She forgot to check her facts, once again

Can Paul Ryan Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time?

Satire | Richie McGinniss
'We're going to walk and chew gum at the same time'

King Calls Trump-Russia Connections 'Desperate Attacks'

Politics | Richie McGinniss
'I remember a trip to Moscow back in 1998'

Will The New FBI Director Prosecute Hillary Clinton?

Video | Richie McGinniss
#LockHerUp may become reality

Here Are Ten Of The Possible Nominees For FBI Director

Video | Richie McGinniss
Who will Trump choose? Here are ten big league hopefuls.

Comey Gets Canned: An Animated Investigation

Entertainment | Richie McGinniss
Take a journey into the deviant mind of TheDC's newest employee

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